Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the film Fight Club:

Tyler: (holding a gun to a shop owner’s head) Give my your wallet.

Raymond: (scared, gives him his wallet)

Tyler: Raymond K. Hessel 1327 Southeast Banning, Apt. A. Small, cramped basement apartment, Raymond?

Raymond: H…Ho…How did you know?

Tyler: ‘Cause they give basement apartments letters instead of numbers. Raymond, you are going to die.

Raymond: (whimpering and crying)

Tyler: (looking at a picture) Is that your mom and dad? Cause Mom and Dad are gonna have to call kindly Dr. so-and-so to pick up your dental records. Do you want to know why? ‘Cause there’s gonna be nothing left of your face.

Raymond: (continues crying)

Tyler: (continuing to look through his wallet) An expired community-college ID. What’d you study Raymond?

Raymond: (stuttering) S…S…S..tufff

Tyler: Stuff? Were the midterms hard?

Tyler: (hits him with his gun) I asked you what you study.

Raymond: Biology, mostly.

Tyler: Why?

Raymond: I — I don’t know.

Tyler: What did you want to be, Raymond K. Hessel?

Raymond: (continues whimpering)

Tyler: (cocks gun) The question, Raymond, is what did you want to be?

Raymond: Veterinarian! Veterinarian!

Tyler: Animals.

Raymond: Ya, animal st….stu…

Tyler: Ya, stuff, I got that. So that means you need to get more schooling.

Raymond: Too…too much school.

Tyler: Would you rather be dead?

Raymond: (whimpering) No, no…

Tyler: Would you rather die, here, on your knees, in the back of a convenience store?

Raymond: No, please… no.

Tyler: (puts away gun). I’m keeping your license. Gonna check in on you. I know where you live. If you’re not on your way to becoming a veterinarian in six weeks, you will be dead. Now, get up, run on home.

Raymond: (gets up and starts running)

Tyler: Run Forrest! Run!

Jack: I feel ill.

Tyler: Imagine how he feels.

Jack: Oh, come on – this isn’t funny. That wasn’t funny! What was the point of that?

Tyler: Tomorrow will be the best day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted. Come on. (throws the gun to Jack)

Jack: (inspects the gun, notices there are no bullets in it)

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