Excuses.  We seem to be so artful and creative with coming up with reasons to be mediocre.  Like a zombie we walk thru life, arms outstretched mumbling 'braaaain.'  We go to work, sit at a desk and grit our teeth 'braaaain', when we think of the dreams we once had 'braaaaain.'  We are immobilized.  Catatonic. Lifeless drones.

But, what if there was a secret?  An incantation, a set of words so powerful that they could break the spell​ of your complacency?  Would you read it?  Would you listen to it? 

Well my friends, I believe there is such a set of words.  They are spoken by an unlikely source - a man paralyzed from the neck down.  A man who has endured excruciating pain, setbacks and​ has broke over 50 bones in his body.  Read John Morrow's 7 Life Lessons now.

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