MLM Lead Generation Software

Wouldn't it be great to click a few buttons on your mlm lead generation software and have prospects flock to your opportunity? The good news is you can. But beware... most lead generation software is a waste of your hard earned money, your valuable time and is garbage can worthy.

"In this article I am going to share with you a few software applications that have consistently worked for me to haul in leads as if I was using a bulldozer instead of a shovel. I'll also share with you some truly miserable pieces of software that you'll want to stay away from. "

MLM Lead Generation Software

The most frustrating thing about marketing your MLM/Direct Sales business online is struggling to get prospects to a presentation.

Many network marketers are sold the lie - all you need is traffic. Traffic is the easiest thing to get.  Why?  Because you can buy it (solo ads, paid traffic) or you can easily create ads on Facebook and Instagram.  

​However, if you fail to follow up with your prospect - have a real conversation - then it doesn't how much traffic to your opportunity. Sorry, software won't solve that problem.

Your goal should be able to use software to find, sift and sort for you. That way, you're only talking with the most qualified prospects - not tire kickers and look-e-loos.

MLM lead generation software should help you automate repetitive tasks (texting, email), present your opportunity (funnels) and deliver information, content and bonuses on autopilot.  

The fortune is in the follow up! MLM software is merely a tool to engage in prospecting and follow up activities.

Rich's 2022 MLM Lead Generation Software Solutions

  • Text Prospector How would you like 90% of your marketing messages read within 3 minutes? That is the power of text message marketing.  Text Prospector offers a 1 penny per text SMS platform, mobile marketing training, mobile lead generation, mobile follow up.  If you are in network marketing, you should have a dedicated phone number that collects leads, sends bulk texts and follows up on their mobile phone. Plus, you earn $250 instantly per sale as an affiliate. On a side note, I am the admin and creator of the program πŸ˜‰
  • MLM Recruit on Demand.  I've been using this MLM lead generation system for 7 years.  Their focus is on reverse marketing to network marketers.  The reason being, most network marketers jump from program to program because they don't know how to generate leads. They have 3 products: P1 - a database of leads that is continually filled as you work them.  And it's only $15 one time.  There other products are automated where prospects call and text you.  Visit the site for more details. 

Many marketers look for software that rely on tricks, black-hat tactics and spamming software to get their MLM links to the masses. Don't be one of those people.

Avoid the following Software

  • Link dumping software. 
  • Article Spinning software.  
  • Blog Comment Spamming software
  • Social Network spamming software

Be sure to take advantage of my free course on mobile marketing.  ​ I'll teach you how to generate mobile leads for any MLM daily and communicate with them on the device they carry all day long - their mobile phone.






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