Are fake live webinars the equivalent of Milli Vanilli not really singing on their records for Internet network marketers?  Here’s how these faux webinars operate: you visit a webpage because you are interested in more information for a biz-op, product or service,  – which the website offers in the form a video webinar.

Once there, you are given a choice of times to attend a presentation (or view’ yesterdays’ webinar without waiting).

The impression one get’s is that if they attend a later presentation you would see a live version and be able to ask questions and participate.

The fake live webinars that I’ve seen are careful to avoid an outright lie – They just ask you to ‘reserve a spot.’ However, once inside, they do list you as an attendee along with others that give you the impression that it’s happening in real time.

Several methods are used to insinuate that it’s real and live. For example, the moderators make comments along the way as if they were involving the audience at hand.

Clearly, the impression one would have is that you are in a live synchronous webinar with other real humans.

Fake Live Webinars

Internet marketing legend, Mike Filsaime, has long moved passed from his days of shoveling PLR products for the ever hungry biz-opp crowd to founding software companies.

His latest is Evergreen Business Systems.

I must admit, that Mike has thought of everything when it comes to presenting a sales pitch via a webinar. It’s completely slick, even down to what would happen if someone shows up late to the party.

The solution? Late arrival insertion points. If you used the system, you could decide if you want the attendee to jump in late or restart it from the beginning.

Why would you want to have an attendee start in late?

The answer on the webpage is:

Do you want higher conversion or more realism? The choice is yours. It’s great to have choices.

Another feature that can potentially ad to the Fakinar is the polling feature.

Again here is the way it’s described:

Then you can use that data to simulate a Live Poll on your webinar.

Mike’s Evergreen Business Systems is not alone in webinar presentation tools. There are others like: Quick Sales Systems, Stealth Webinar, Webinar a-Go-Go, Autopilot Webinars, Presentation Domination, and Autowebinar Player.

They price range to get a system like this, that will do all the presenting for you, can range from around $500 to $2,000.

Having a webinar do the presenting for you has long been one of the ground breaking tools for network marketers who operate online vs. sharing their opportunity in coffee shops, homes and hotel meeting rooms.

I’ve used them and still use them. Looking at this newest incarnation I’m both amazed at what it can do and also put-off by the impression of it being live. It’s a fake live webinar.

Leave your thoughts in the Facebook comments section below. Would you use it?

~ Rich O’Brien

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