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High School Teacher Becomes Online Marketer?

It’s not easy raising 4 children on a teachers salary.

Don’t get me wrong, teaching is an honor and the retirement income and days off are a huge benefit.

However, it’s a paycheck to paycheck existence.

The Search

Like a lot of people, I Googled my way into the home based business world. I joined multi level marketing companies with hope in hand and wallet stretched out.  However, marketing from home became a liability and not an asset.

The monthly autoship was sinking my ‘financial ship.’ Sales were sporadic and not enough to cover what was going out.

I sought solutions in every corner of the net. I quickly became disgusted with sleazeball marketers, foolish money schemes, phony gurus, and the flavor of the month marketing tools.

Making money from home shouldn’t be as mysterious as turning straw into gold like some hooded medieval alchemist.

After lot’s of trial and error at marketing, I finally cracked the online network marketing code. I know how it really works.

Aren’t you sick of the false promises, the lies and half-truths of what it really takes to make money from home?

The Bottom Line

Most people struggle because they never master the key aspects of marketing: the invite, the followup and building ‘know, like and trust.’ They treat it like a ‘hobby’ and don’t devote and commit to it like they would a paid job.

If you are ready to transition from ‘hobbyist’ to ‘professional’ lets talk.​



Here I am with marketing great, Mark Hoverson and Vincent Ortega Jr, having a beer at a marketing retreat in San Diego.

Here are some marketing pals Jerry Maurer and Jason Joyner – Fellow Attraction Marketers

I love meeting my heroes – here is me and famed radio personality and author Dennis Prager

I’m a huge fan of the Grammy award winning band Creed. I recently got to meet Scott Stapp – lead singer of Creed. If you ever get a chance to see him or them in concert – you’ll be glad you did.

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