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Hey Marketing Friend!

​So you're looking for a work-from-home business sponsor. What is your criteria for selecting a would be fellow associate?

Here is my sponsor criteria:

  • Not a program hopper (involved in 1 company)
  • Positive energy 
  • Active online marketer. 
  • Picks up the phone and returns texts/calls
  • Part of a bigger team

I also have a criteria that I want in someone I recruit.

  • Self motivated.  Doesn't look to others to find reasons to act.
  • Positive energy.  I don't work with pessimistic people. If that's you, move on.
  • Doesn't expect me to be Geek Squad. I'm all for locking arms and winning together. What I am not available for is teaching someone to use the computer
  • Not a quitter.  

So, what do you think?  Are we a match?

I promote one program which is CTFO.  The product line is focused on the benefits of CBD. I primarily market it online (which I will teach you how I generate leads and follow up with prospects).

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