The home-based business industry is infested with the bogus pseudo-science of wishful thinking. It’s quite appealing, just meditate on success, visualize your dreams, and magically your thoughts materialize. After all, who wants to do work?

However, wishing won’t make it so. As Ayn Rand, the novelist and philosopher,  so eloquently said “nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.” What that means for your home-based business is that investing in courses/books on wish manifestation that hang on misappropriated quantum physics principles is a waste of your most valuable resource – time.

At one point, I foolishly and naively practiced wishful thinking as a means grow my network marketing business. Daily I would read from a hundred year old manifesto that allegedly spawned Think and Grow Rich. I meditated, made vision boards, watched The Secret and What The Bleep.

Do you know what I would have been better off doing? Marketing!

None of those things are wrong in of themselves. They do help focus your thinking and clarify your desire. Connecting emotionally to your dreams is a catalyst that helps fuel the fire and power your drive. But emotions are not the engine. The engine is founded on PRINCIPLES and VIRTUES.

Again to quote Ayn, “Reality exists as an objective absolute—facts are facts, independent of man’s feelings, wishes, hopes or fears.” The fact is, if you don’t learn how to market your product or service and develop daily habits to get accomplish them, you will remain broke.

Whether there is some formless-void-wish-generating-machine of the universe is irrelevant. Let reason be your guide to action.

Enjoy this Mitchell and Webb Video that I think illustrates my point.

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