LiveGood has the potential to disrupt the MLM and Network Marketing industry like none before it. 

Watch the video as I breakdown the problems that I see with MLM in the 21st century.​

Here’s what I see is broken with network marketing aka MLM.

  1. Face to Face Selling and recruiting

  2. Guru centered. No offense to Ray Higdon and Eric Worrre. But, I’m sick of the endless training trap that marketers are forced into.

  3. Home parties

  4. Three Way Calls

  5. Frontloading - there are some leaders in other companies that tell their new members to buy a $799 travel savings card so they qualify in the pay plan or a year's supply of supplements that they’ll never use. It’s ridiculous and does not serve the regular person.

David and Goliath is a classic story of an underdog taking on a powerful, established competitor.

In this modern-day tale, David is a newly formed LiveGood opportunity, determined to revolutionize the industry by providing something unheard of in network marketing: discount pricing, no autoship requirements and a simple compensation plan.

Despite its small size, LiveGood has advanced technology in the way of providing a free marketing funnel, cutting edge supplements and easy to navigate website that established network marketing companies are unable to match.

In the end, LiveGood’s success is a testament to the power of innovation and determination in the face of overwhelming odds. By taking on Goliath and winning, LiveGood has demonstrated that even the smallest of companies can become an industry leader if they are willing to take risks and put in the hard work.

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