Vista Network Review

In this Vista Network review I will reveal how you can easily collect and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

This can happen passively and with no recruiting. 

I'll also share with you how can profit from the Vista Network compensation plan by becoming an affiliate (Independent representative)​

I've read many of the other pseudo 'Vista network reviews' on blog posts and watched uninformed Youtube video reviews.  What I can let you know is that most of them are 99% BS.  

They are not 'in the know' and provide outdated and inaccurate information.  I have personally spoken with the CEO Armen Temuryan​ who is one of the 5 co-founders of Vista Network.  He was a well respected leader inside of Organo Gold (the coffee MLM) and has been successful in network marketing for 25 years.  The company has existed since April 2017 and has progressed from a Bitconnect style model to a product based model with many additional services.

What You Need to Know about Vista Network​

In early January 2018 the crypto world was shocked at the sudden departure from North America from USI Tech .  This giant in the crypto-mining world left the US and Canada because many independent representatives were selling the opportunity as 'investments.'   

​USI  and Bitconnect have not released physical products to the consumer.  Neither company was headquartered in the US.  Rather then deal with regulators and reign in rogue representatives, they pulled the plug on hundreds of thousands of reps and are currently operating in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. 

This has left a gigantic vacuum and opportunity.  

Vista Network is headquartered in Los Angeles.  They have pursued the appropriate licenses and legal counsel.  They are posed to takeover where the others have failed. 

Most importantly they are a product based tech company in the crypto currency space.

What is the product? Introducing the  Vista Mini Miner 

Every customer and independent representative must purchase a Vista mini miner to participate in the many crypto 'Benefits' the company has to offer.

The mini-miner mines alt-coins like Monero​.  It's the size of an iphone, plugs into your home internet and costs around $2 a month to run.  The mini miner is networked to a company mining pool.  

You don't need to be an expert on mining. You'll simply plug it in and hook it to the internet like you would your home computer.  It's that easy.​

Mining Pool: ​As more members join our 'pool' becomes stronger and more effective. When coins are transferred in the network, fees are calculated and shared within the pool depending how how much work each miner has completed.

Hash Rate:  The 'hash' is the mathematical problem that the mini miner solves. With each additional Vista Network member who is mining, the hash rate goes up thus improving the performance.  So, can you see how additional sales of the mini-miner cause us to grow more powerful and profitable.

The retail price of the mini miner is $1495.  If you choose to become an affiliate, you can get for under $1000.  You can also sell it at retail and earn around $500 in commissions. Even at the $1k price point, commissions will be paid down multiple levels.

The miner mines alt-coins.  Depending on market prices and several other factors, there is the potential for the mini-miner to produce monthly alt-coin like Monero. The mini-miner can mine up to 40 coins, but can only do one at a time.

There is no guarantee as to the amount of Monero the mini-miner will produce.  However, it will mine and you can participate in the mining pool.  Imagine what could happen as tens of thousands of these units and soon, multi units are running in homes all over the world. These coins are earned passively - just let the machine run on your home network plugged into your electric.

I think of it as owning solar panels.  If your panels produce more than you need, they electricity is sent to a municipality and they end up paying you for energy.  When we mine, using our mini miner technology and our home energy we produce coins. You'll be able to turn those digital coins (cryptocurrency) into cash through an exchange at whatever the going rate is at the moment. ​

Crypto Currency Goes Mainstream

2017 was the year cryptocurrency went from obscurity to public consciousness.   Bitcoin exploded by 1300%.  But get this, Ethereum gained 8700%

Fortunes have been made.  Some think that crypto currency is a fad or will implode.  However, the big movers like Peter Theil, the co-founder of Paypal and successful venture capitalist, are investing heavily into Bitcoin and alt-coins.

Crypto Currency a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank."decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation"

What is Cryptocurrency?

I think of crypto currency as online monopoly money but is now treated as a means of exchanging value - plastic houses for real houses.  It losens citizens  from corporate and government control and manipulation of currency.   There are fixed amounts of crypto currency and new coins can only be 'mined' not printed (unlike the USD that is continually printing and dropping in value).

Vista Network Review

Vista network is service that anyone over 18 can participate in to grow their crypto portfolio.  Vista Network revenue comes from:

  • Mini Miner  You can own these and become a mini bitcoin miner. In the future, Vista Network will release multiple mining machines that can produce additional alt-coins.

Is Vista Network a MLM​

Yes, and that's a good thing.  They don't have to spend any money on advertising.  They simply have to perform the job of doubling your bitcoin.  Vista Network Review

Vista Network Compensation Plan

  • Up to $295 in Retail and Wholesale Mini Miner Bonuses.
  • Mini Miner earning potential of up to $250 monthly.
  • 6 New Fast Start Bonuses.
  • 2x20 Earning Bonuses
  • Duel Team ie Binary​ Bonuses
  • Up to 2.5% ​Vista Pool Bonus until Max Pay is Reached
  • 10 level Fast Start Earning Match Bonus
  • 10 level Mega Matrix Earning Match Bonus
  • 10 level Duel Team Earning Match Bonus

I always get confused at comp plans that have so many ways to get paid.  Here's how I look at it: you need a person on your left and one on your right who have some crypto packages.  From there you start adding more and your team adds more.  More people = more crypto.

The company has also acquired the social sharing site and a travel business.    ​These will be additional 'benefits' that will be part of the Vista Network family of products and services.  

Vista Network is a real company with real products, real services that is dedicated to: Longevity, sustainability and compliance.

What are the drawbacks?

​Let's face it, it's the Wild West time of crypto currency.  Governments have not decided how to deal with them.  Crypto coin values rise and fall dramatically and some coins come and go like the passing of Spring. 

You could sit back, play it safe and keep your money in Chase savings and earn that good 'ol 1% a year.  Or, you can have some fun and join the crypto revolution.  

I for one am ALL IN.  I love that Vista Network works with more than just Bitcoin.  These smaller coins allow you to buy an entire coin because of the lower cost.  I'm looking for a few people who have big dreams and want to grow thier crypto portfolio.  If that's you, let's get started by ​signing up for Vista Network.

Cheers!  Rich O'Brien​

Richard OBrien

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