USI-Tech Review. Is it a Scam?

In this USI-Tech review I'll provide everything you should know before you decide to join.  Sure Bitcoin has grown 946% over the last year.  But what exactly is USI-Tech doing to grow accounts at upwards of 1% per day on top of Bitcoins crazy growth?

​Although I am a USI-Tech affiliate, I promise to provide with you my honest assessment and answer some crucial questions that I had to have answered before I purchased my first BTC-package.

​What caught my attention more than the astounding growth of Bitcoin was this:

Over the last year (2017) USI-Tech ha​s generated close to half a billion Euros in profits from the BTC packages - the company's main product.

Let's take a look how USI-Tech works:

  • Earn About 0.75% – 1.25% ROI A Day For 140 Working Days (Mon-Fri) ~20% ROI per month!
  • Usi-Tech Does Forex Trading & Mining Altcoins & Bitcoin Trading Arbitrage Through 3rd party companies In Europe
  • They do LIVE events and seminars all the time, transparent ownership
  • Minimum Investment: 50 Euros = 1BTC Package
  • Ability to withdraw your Bitcoins daily!
  • Ability to compound your profits daily!
  • Earn Additional 35% in commissions Up To 12 levels deep
  • Refer people and earn 10% on first level!
  • Car Bonus Of 800 Euros Per Month For Hitting 2000 BTC-Packages + All Expenses Paid Trip Bonuses.
  • Usi-Tech launched BTC-Package product in March 2017 and been in business on the Forex side for over 3 years.
  • No monthly fees

What they have done is misicule compared to what they're about to do this next year.  There are currently 300,000+ members.  And things have just got started .

In the 2017 November London event it was packed with over 1000 people  the following was revealed.  If USI-Tech is a scam, they are going out of there way to make it look like a real business. 

  • New technology acquisition:  reduces mining energy expenses up to 95%.  There are miners that spend a 100 million a month in energy alone.  Lower energy prices = more profitable mining.   Mining is the heart of processing exchanges and tracking the ledger. 
  • USI-Tech currently has 1% of the mining power.  They plan on acquiring up to 30% of the mining power.
  • Transparency: See how exactly how the bitcoins are being generated (unlike most vaporware)
  • Intelligent AI analyzes all cryptocurrency markets to arbitrage the most profitable crypto trades.
  • New backoffice
  • Forex trading package (Euro).  You will be able to purchase 50 euro package and earn 40% over 7 months .  They trade - you earn. 
  • Internal Exchange - able to exhange $5000 via Credit Card to purchase your BTC Packages via the backoffice. No middle-man required. 
  • Bitcoin ATM Machines.  They are going to put thousands of USI-Tech branded machines all around the world.  You will be able to lease an ATM and put it your local mall!  They want 3 million of these units placed around the world. This is crazy good!
  • Partnered with bestselling author Daven Michaels and owner of 123 Employee to serve the UTI-Tech customer support.  
  • Currently has 70 million dollars in mining racks and 10 million a month going forward and proprietary hardware for mining the GPU points with AI added to it. 
  • USI-Tech will have their own Crypto Currency called 'Tech Coin. '  This will be in all the major exchanges.   500 million tokens released to USI-Tech before it goes public as an ICO. 27 million have been sold in the first few days. Right now (November 2017) you can buy these tokens for as little as 3 cents (depending on how much you buy).  It could go up to 1 Euro when launched.  There will be a published White Paper and proof of concept before ICO.  It should launch around June 2018. 

What is a USI-Tech BTC Package?

A BTC-Package is essentially a 50 Euro share.  A member purchases a package for around 140 working days.  The company then uses their software to trade cryptocurrency, invest in bitcoin mining and further develop and implement new technologies related to the cryptocurrency marketplace.  Their goal is to pay 1% per business day.

As an simplistic example, if you had $10,000.  You could reasonably expect to earn $100 per day in bitcoin. I  So, if Bitcoin rises - as it has been, your $100 could be worth much more.  You can also set the system to rebuy packages for every 50 Euros you earn - essentially compounding your profits.  At the end of 140 days ( more or less) you get your initial package investment back plus $4000.  

In this case, it would be $10,000 plus the $4000 of daily pay = $14,000.  ​ But in reality, since you are being paid back in bitcoin, there's a good chance that Bitcoin has gone up and it could be A LOT MORE than $14,000 over the 140 working day of your capital.

Plus, if you're reinvesting in BTC packages then it your daily $ rises accordingly.  ​

How to Earn Additional Income​

No recruiting is required.  However, if you refer others to USI-Tech you can earn a percentage of off your referrals BTC-Packages (10%).  You can also earn additional income down 12 levels.  

In addition, you can earn up to 10% 20% of off Tech-Coin token purchases of your referrals.  ​Remember, the Tech Coin has not been released to the public as an ICO yet.  You as a USI Tech afiliate get first dibs at the wholesale rate of the token.  Imagine if you were able to purchase one token today for .58 cents and sometime in the future sell it for $10.00  

It's not fanciful thinking either.  All you have to do is look at the top 10 coins to see what has happened to their value.​

Could you Lose Money? Is USI-Tech a Scam?

Of course you could lose money.  We are in the Wild West days of cryptocurrency.  There will be winners and losers.  There are top 10 coins like BitConnect who are today trading at $280 per coin.  There are no known owners and no identifiable infrastructure.  Compare that to USI-Tech whose owners are known, the company is incorporated, has real products and a base of 300,000 members.  

Marketing USI-Tech

I have partners with a successful group of crypto-entrepreneurs to bring the good news of Bitcoin and USI-Tech to the marketplace.  It is a free marketing system, training system and collective of experts in the field.  

USI-Tech, like most network marketing companies do not have a sales funnel.  Our team has filled in the gap with a free system worth thousands of dollars. 

You will learn everything you need to know in a step-by-step way to succesfully and easily begin your journey into becoming a Crypto-millionaire.

Richard OBrien

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