Lead Generation

 Text Prospector Pro Would you like to learn text message marketing for free and receive a free no cost SMS Platform (for bulk texting)? I created this program for marketers.  90% of text messages get read in 3 minutes.  Learn how to be a Text Prospector Pro. 

Online Sales Pro

Capture Page and funnel Creator. Provide share codes to team members to clone your funnel in seconds. Includes an phone app that notifies you when leads go through your funnel and even provides auto text responses right from your phone! Funnels can be made in 60 seconds - too easy. No geek squad required. Low cost and has a affiliate program that pays 30 -40%.

Advertising Boost.  Allow me to let you in on a little secret.  Prospects sponsor shop.  Their looking for two things (1) a sponsor who knows what they're doing (2) Bonuses.  I use vacation bonuses to close sales and make more money.