gradhatIn the 90’s espionage thriller Sneakers,  Robert Redford leads an oddball group of cyber security experts who specialize in testing security systems by breaking into them.

The premise is built around Redford’s crew obtaining little black box that will forever leave sensitive data out in the open.

One of the tag lines is “no more secrets.”

The Lead Academy is a free training site I developed to do just that – expose the ever mysterious network marketing lead generation black box that so befuddles would-be home based business entrepreneurs.

Over the years I have been fascinated by the fact that even marketing gurus can’t quite explain to recruits how to generate leads for their opportunities.  I’ve joined, followed, studied, and watched with furrowed brow the experts try to explain how to get qualified prospects to a funnel system.

One is left to conclude:

  • They didn’t know
  • They don’t want to tell
  • They don’t know how to explain
  • It’s to complex for the average person
  • Lead Generation is a myth
  • Perhaps they know, but forget to tell the missing ingredient
  • They don’t want to share the missing ingredient because that would saturate they’re market share

Like Luke leaving the desert world of Tatooine (yes, I’m making a Star Wars metaphor) I went in search of the Lead Force – not sure if it was real or imagined.

Then, I found one technique. Blogging. Probably the least duplicate-able method of lead generation there is. Good ol Googs only has 10 spots for page one. What are marketers to do, fight continuously over page 1?

I’m known for being ranked on page one for a number of valuable key words like “MLM Lead Generation” and “MLM Lead Generation Software.” I compete with the top SEO bloggers in the business. So, yes, it is achievable, but it’s like turning straw into gold.

I thought, “there has to be an easier way, that’s not time consuming, brain-bursting, or expensive for the average marketer.”

Because, frankly, if you can’t get duplication in your business, then this dream of ‘do the work once and get paid over and over again is a farce” – and a cruel one at that.

These are good folks out there who don’t want to be fooled by scroupulous marketers with no heart for who they bring into their business.

The Lead Academy


Then I had an idea. Discover the most effective lead generation methods known and freely give away the secrets. That was the birth of The Lead Academy.

My hope is that this act of lead generation leaks will force the gurus to do something they are adverse to do: work with their sponsors in a consultative fashion or get out of the way.

The 21st century affiliate marketer that will rise will be the ones who care, lead with integrity, and provide upfront value.

Class is open. Join The Lead Academy, No more secrets!



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