15-minutesThe Notorious BIG said ‘mo money, mo problems.’  The same could be said of new reps ‘mo reps, mo problems.’

The reason? Reps have needs.  They have questions.  They have computer issues.  And if you’re a decent sponsor, then you don’t like to see your new rep suffer. So, you become their Batman, Superman and network marketing messiah.

What happens next is you become a support technician and your recruiting drops to the ground faster than hammer falling off a ladder.

Then you start hating picking up the phone and opening your email inbox.

Here’s a simple solution I discovered how to. . .

Train Your Reps on The 15 Minute Rule.

Here are the steps to put in place to empower your new reps and free yourself to do the money making activities (lead generation).  Have these nailed down before you get your first rep:

  • Have a welcome email.  Make it personable. Give your rep an idea of your office hours.  It will take you about 15 minutes to write a good one.
  • Introduce yourself on video.  Talk to your camera like you were talking to a friend.  I record mine in my garage man cave.  Here’s one I send to members who join me in MLM Recruit on Demand. It took me less than 15 minutes to make and edit.  You can download Camtasia software for free for 30 days.


  • Create a Google doc that details the next steps with all the links they’ll need.  What’s nice about a Google doc is that it’s editable.  You can update it any time (unlike a PDF). Include links to an email addresses to company support and FAQ’s. Make it the format of 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.  People like when directions are step-by-step.  Time 15 minutes to make.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your reps requirements for your time. AKA hoops to jump through.  Your time is valuable and your new reps need to know that.
  • Set up a future date, perhaps a week later, to reconnect and touch base.  The meeting time? No more than 15 minutes. They will earn the meeting time only by completing the steps.
  • And lastly. set the expectations that any questions they have, they search out for 15 minutes before asking you.  We all have access to Google and web searches.

By taking 15 minutes on each of these steps you duplicate yourself, save time and look like professional.

I have taught thousands of at-risk high school students as a teacher. I’ve found that giving clear directions and empowering students to find the answers themselves  to be a secret to success. Only after exhausting themselves by finding answers do they have permission to ask me.

It’s no different with new reps. They desire leadership, clear directions and effective support. But the last thing you want to do is to create dependent reps.  You want to create independent business owners.  In the long run and they’ll be happier and imitate what you do. Hence, they’ll be less stressed out and more able to focus on the number one activity: lead generation and follow up!


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