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I asked A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to provide the Top 10 Reasons People Fail at Network marketing. Lack of Commitment: Many network marketers fail because they lack commitment to their business. They may start with enthusiasm, but they quickly lose interest and give up when faced with challenges or obstacles. Unrealistic Expectations: Some network marketers enter the industry with unrealistic expectations of earning quick and easy money. They are often misled by false promises of overnight success, which leads to disappointment and frustration when they do not see the results they were hoping for. Lack of Skills: Network marketing requires specific skills such as communication, leadership, and sales. Those who lack these skills may struggle to build a successful business and attract new customers or team members. Poor Time Management: Network [...]

In this 721 Club review, you will receive my honest opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of this powerful suite of lead generation software tools. Without a steady stream of red hot leads, you don’t have a business. The problem is, leads are often expensive to generate.  It’s not uncommon to run a Facebook ad campaign and spend $8 – 12 per opt-in.  If you have the home-based business average of 3% per hundred join/purchase your product/biz up it could easily cost you about $300 to generate that sale. If your profit is under $300, then you’re loosing money. A more effective and consistent method to generate leads is to have an unlimited lead source that is free to create and inexpensive to contact. The 721 Club Review Although the [...]

It’s safe to say that this MLM Recruit on Demand Bonus is going to be a positive review  on this new marketing system. MLM Recruit on Demand Bonus I have a training site called Mobile Marketing Code. I teach and train via video tutorials on how to generate leads – as many as you want – day or night – using little known mobile tactics and strategies. MLM Recruit on Demand teaches similar strategies and methods related to reverse marketing. Reverse Marketing is where you specifically target current or past MLM, network marketers and affiliate marketers to recruit to your business. These good future prospects are out there in the millions. They’ve created web pages, have their phone numbers listed on web pages and/or replicated pages. And odds are they’re [...]

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