In this SMS Lead Network review I will examine the mobile marketing service, the mobile leads and the opportunity.  Plus, I will share with you my exclusive team bonus: Mobile Marketing Code.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate with SMS Leads Network and if you decided to join from my link I will be compensated. However, I promise to provide you a real review and even explore a few drawbacks of the program.

My name is Rich O'Brien and I've been mobile marketing since 2008. I have used and sold 10s of thousands of dollars worth of mobile marketing tools.​  I've also created training courses on this subject (Mobile Marketing Code) and written ebooks (7 Secrets of Voice Broadcasting).

I originally got into mobile marketing because I could create leads on demand. ​ Over time, I moved beyond blasting voice and text messages to communicating with my prospects to create sales conversions.  That's where the magic is with mobile marketing.

I get this questions a lot: 

Does mobile marketing work?

To answer that question, let's first look at the channels available for mobile marketing:

  • Bulk Texting - import a mobile leads and send a text message out to the list.
  • Voice Broadcasting - record an audio message, receiver answers live and hears your message
  • Ringless Messaging: record a short audio message, bypass the live call and system drops it in the voicemail inbox of receiver
  • Mobile Advertising: place ads on mobile apps (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Keyword advertising:  advertise a keyword like go to a number, system sends immediate reply with your website.

According to the mobile marketing association "within a decade mobile ad publishers will be serving a $70B mobile ad spend market in the U.S. alone, and nearly $220B worldwide"

So the answer is, YES, mobile marketing works otherwise marketers would not be spending billions of dollars on it.​

SMS Leads Network Review​

​This system was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. The main features of SMS Leads Network are:

  • Bulk Texting
  • Create Seperate Group Campaigns
  • Recipients Can Text Back
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Wholesale rates:  Less than a PENNY per text (.0075)
  • Import mobile leads
  • No monthly fees
  • Included affiliate program - Earn $100 instantly when someone joins at $197
  • Mobile training
  • Email broadcasting
  • Capture page and marketing funnel
  • Integrated pre-written autoresponder (to promote SMS Leads Network)
  • 10K Fresh Mobile Leads

That list is pretty incredible.  Most companies charge 4.5 cents per text (Call loop) and charge monthly fees.  If you were to run a campaign and send 10K #'s that would normally cost you around $450.

However, with SMS Leads Network, that same broadcast would cost:​  $75  a savings of $350

My one critique of SMS Leads Network is that they do not offer an SMS Keyword.  However, I spoke with the owner and that may be a future addon as they system is programmed in-house.

The other drawback is that the system is limited to broadcast text messaging.  That means you cant create a series of messages to go out over time. Hopefully this will be a later feature addon as well.

If you get started with me, I'll share with you the service I use for SMS Keyword and wholesale ringless messaging.  I'll also include a $200 bonus off the service.

Mobile Magical Thinking:  Setting expectations

Here is how most newbie mobile marketers think a program like this works:  I'll upload 10K leads, blast them off my biz-op website and watch the cash roll-in. 

If ANY system worked like that, EVEYRONE would do it - because it's so easy.  Sorry to burst your bubble friend, it doesn't work like that.

What I've learned from my decade+ in mobile marketing is people buy from people they like, know and trust. Do this experiment, think of a text message that you believe would get results.  ​Now, text it 100 prospects from your phone and chart your results. 

SMS Leads Network is simply a great SMS tool that uses computer programming to automate the sms process. 

Here's a rule of thumb to follow with regard to mobile marketing: If it works doing it by hand, it will work doing it with a service. 

My Bonus:  Mobile Marketing Code

I'm in the process of revising my course Mobile Marketing Code.  Everyone who joins with me will get access to my private membership site and my private Facebook group. In addition, you will be able to share it with your personally enrolled members.  

Here are some of the topics that I will be covering Mobile Marketing Code 2.0

  • ​How to Generate Mobile Leads
  • How to Follow up with Mobile
  • Creating Mobile Ads
  • Pre-written text messaging
  • Ringless Messaging
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Texting Your List

24 Hour Bonus Offer.

If you decide to get started and paid today.  I will include these additional bonuses:​

  • 177 Audiobook and Ebook Collection.
  • Youtube Marketing Code
  • The Branding Code
  • Craigslist Code
  • Email Marketing Code
  • Blog Marketing Code

* Some of these modules are already completed and in the membership, others I will be dripping in over a few months.

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