Six Figure Empire Review

Infomarketing guru, Tim Berger, has launched a new business opportunity. In this Six Figure Empire review I will provide a straight up, no chaser opinion of Tim's new program, products, compensation and potential challenges. In addition, I will share with you my Six Figure Empire Bonus should you decide to go forward.

Big ticket direct sales affiliate programs have increasingly become popular over the last few years.  Programs like Tidom, Exitus, and to a lower extent Pure Profit Pro, National Wealth Center and Easy1up have brought in millions of dollars.

Personally, I have made enough money with these programs to purchase new cars and travel to Europe.  ​But truth be told, these programs come and go.  From what I've seen, the program operators have very little interest in creating unique products or even upgrading their products. They are all PLR - private label rights. But there is no doubt regarding demand for bigger ticket info product business opportunities. 

The Products

$500 Silver Package is a video course on marketing that was produced by Eric Louvre.  The training centers on writing. More specifically, headlines, making offers, branding and positioning. Many have reached over $100,000 per year online and credit Eric for helping them get there. In fact, Eric has several who have reached the $1,000,000 (Million) dollar per year mark and credit Eric for being the main reason they reached such high levels.

$1000 Saphire is a fully fuctional SMS Toolkit. Built in house by Tim's programming team, this SMS platform includes"

  • ​Mobile number and Keyword (which triggers an immediate auto-response a via text). 
  • Custom Text Message Funnel Blueprint
  • Two - way text communication
  • SMS Voice
  • How to use VOICE DROPS that work directly with your mobile funnels

There is nothing out there on the market that I've found that does what this one of a kind system does.  Let's face it, mobile marketing is the present and future of marketing.  This product is actually a stand alone product that marketers would pay for without an opportunity.  That's almost unheard of in the info-product biz-op niche.

$3500 Emerald - Daily Leads.  Login and download leads.  These leads are 30 - 45 days old - but who cares.  You can get 1000 a day.  

  • ​Surveyed Leads
  • Mobile Leads (great for ringless broadcasting)
  • Biz-op Leads
  • Email Leads
  • Higher Ticket Leads

With most programs you wonder 'but who can I prospect?"  You don't have to worry - you're more than covered.

$6500 ​Gold Advanced Marketing Training from Eric Louver's VIP on Persuasion.

$12,500 Platinum. Training taught by Tim or one of his master sellers.  Yes, the price tag is up there.  However, how much would you be pay to shortcut your success?  Let's be real - 97% of online marketers bounce from program to program looking for that 'magic' formula.  I can tell you that a big part of it is actually taking action.  But the other part is what to take action on. When you combine both - you've discovered the secret to making money online.​

Six Figure Empire Review

​I've been marketing online for several years.  The turn around program that catapulted me into the winners circle was Tim's previous program DPS. I'm not here to blow smoke up your arse and tell you if you buy this program you'll get rich. What I can say is that he's thoughtfully put this together from years of marketing.  

A program is only as good as it's weakest link.  Most programs fail at (1) conversions (2) lack of leads.  With SFE you can actually purchase 10,000 dials for $59!  or Simply buy Solo Ad clicks.  These are all DONE FOR YOU.  Which is the smartest thing to do as you're learning all of this marketing.

All to many people waste years figuring out how to drive traffic.  Screw that, just buy it and run it through a high converting sales funnel. ​

My Six Figure Empire Bonus

  • Co-op Advertising.  Something that really bothers me is NOT seeing a new team member have success.  I will take up-to 25% of my commission and apply toward running ads for you. For example, if you joined at the $6500 Level I will take $1300 and put it towards the best solo ads out there over a 3 month period.   It's a win win situation.  I totally want you to crush it.  I'm committed to your success because it's the right thing to do and I'm going to profit every time you make a sale.
  • The Lead Academy.  I run my own training and marketing website.  It's by invitation only with over 20 modules on how to market online.  You'll learn how to speak with prospects, how to brand yourself as an expert, how to target top marketers, and so much more. Plus, you'll be able to share TLA with members you recruit.  Value $997
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