Should You Recruit Your Friends and Family into Your MLMShould You Recruit Your Friends and Family into Your MLM? Before I answer that question, why in the world would you want to recruit your brother, sister, aunt, cousin or BFF?  The simple answer is: these people know and trust you. Everyone else hasn’t got a clue as to who you are.

Friends and Family know these things about you:

  • If you stick to things you start
  • If you’re helpful and supportive
  • If you look before you leap
  • If you’re interested in their success or greedy and self serving
  • If your word is your bond
  • If you finish what you start

Nearly everyone wants to travel, be financially free and have more time to spend with those they love. Add to that that most people won’t be able to maintain their standard of living into retirement and suddenly a home-based business is a good option for nearly everyone.

What else are they going to do? Get a job at Walmart?

No here’s the problem with recruiting friends and family to your business opportunity:

  1. Perhaps you’ve become a MLM junkie: They’ve watched you program hop from one thing to the next – never amounting to anything
  2. They have little to no ambition themselves – they want the good life but are complacent and have no thought of tomorrow
  3. You’re a loner and don’t have a huge network to tap into
  4. There’s a finite amount of them. What happens when they run out?

Recruiting friends and family works and should be part of your marketing plan. It’s not that difficult and if you’re a stand-up guy or gal, then you’ll start your business off quickly and with success.

Beyond the friends and family recruiting technique is the running into strangers method: wearing buttons at Starbucks ‘get rich now, ask me how’, talking to people in grocery lines, the gym and restaurant servers. This, at least to me, is like chewing razor blades.

Some people do it well and I say ‘more power to them’ but, it is not duplicatable because most people hate it.

Should You Recruit Your Friends and Family into Your Network Marketing Business?

If trust and credibility are at the heart of the F&F method, then it makes sense to position yourself in the marketplace as someone who has those qualities. What’s great is these qualities can be broadcast to the world once you acquire them – to people you never met – and if they trust you (and like you) – they’ll join you.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to begin the process of recruiting outside your personal network and into the online world. Everything below is to help the prospect see you as a known commodity with something to offer

  1. Get a Linkedin Accont. This is the major business social network.  Of course, you’ll want to have a business Facebook account as well
  2. Create YouTube videos.  Display your personality. Make reviews and how to videos.
  3. Give cool stuff away. I have a website called The Lead Academy where I provide free scholarships to my exclusive lead generation training. I learned this from Frank Kern – provide results in advance.
  4. Have a blog. Post cool and interesting articles and start networking with other bloggers. Go to their sites and leave comments.

In conclusion, recruit your friends and family – it’s a time tested method to getting your home-based business off the ground. However, don’t stop there – begin to build online assets that will establish your credibility and trust in the online world.

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