Last night I watched an amazing webinar for SEO Networker 3.5 . However, you might be totally surprised by this review. The main reason being, I am not an affiliate for Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos. Therefore, you wont find any links or bonuses here – there aren’t any.

The reason why I personally didn’t pull the trigger on this course is I already know how to rank on page 1. If I’m lucky, I might even do it with this post. But if you don’t know how to do that, SEO Networker 3.5 would be a very good course to learn those techniques (and apply them).

Ray and Ferny really are astute practitioners in the art of attraction marketing. What intrigued me the most about the sales presentation was their focus on adding value before they asked for the sale. They really do practice what they preach.

Let me explain.

I found out about SEO Networker 3.5 when I received this email:

We Solve Your Traffic & Lead Issues in 30 Minutes!

In 30 Minutes, we’ll be conducting our “State of Internet Traffic Address” webinar, where we will dispel the myth that getting internet traffic is too hard or expensive.

The economy is driving more and more people into the home business industry and they are going on the internet to find ways to make more money.

So the fact is that there is plenty of traffic and these potential leads are more hungry for what you have than ever!

Join us Tonight at 9pm EST and we’ll give you a Traffic Strategy you can use right away to tap into 3 or 4 different traffic methods right away.

Now, what I was expecting was a knock off of Frank Kern’s State of the Internet address. It’s an old marketing trick – copy something similar, so there is familiarity and twist a little to make it your own.

But that’s not what was delivered.

Rather, the webinar was almost two hours long and chalk full of strategies for creating traffic. There were concepts embedded in the webinar that you could have used instantly if you were just a little bit knowledgeable with Internet marketing.

For example, finding keyword phrases that have little competition (but traffic), buying a URL with the keyword-phrase as the name, and organically rank at the top page of Google.

SEO Networker 3.5

Ferny went on to give strategies on:

  • Building niche websites
  • Quick and Easy SEO
  • Google Back Door
  • Driving Bing Traffic
  • Driving Facebook traffic

I believe Ferny’s basic premise was this: have multiple entry points of traffic – if one stops working, you’ll have backups.

What I took away from the webinar presentation was the  flawless execution of the attraction marketing sales cycle. Let me explain: a few years ago when my kids were toddlers, I was milling around the house – changing diapers when I got a knock at the door.

It was an attractive young lady and she offered to clean my carpet for free so as to demonstrate the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

I hate dirty carpets, full of stains, jelly marks, and ground in Cheerios. So, I was like “have at it!.” Right in front of my eyes I saw the dirt, crumbs, and detritus disappear.

I was like, “awesome!”

The sales women went on to explain how my neighbors down the street got one, the iron clad warranty, and running longevity of the Kirby.

Then, my wife came home and saw the clean carpet and agreed we had to get it. $1,200 later, it was ours.

The presentation for SEO Networker used the same formula as Kirby – demonstrate real value first, then ask for the sale.

Furthermore, the sales process used classical sales techniques by:

  • Established Credibility and Trust: both Ray and Ferny graduated from prestigious colleges with a background in engineering,
  • Incorporated ‘slice of life’ stories: Ferny worked on spy satellites
  • Testimonials: regular folks who became successful after utilizing their products/services
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited time offer
  • and summarized everything you would get when you bought the training course on traffic.

I think the only weakness in the presentation was not connecting how SEO Networker 3.5 will help you become a recruiting dynamo for your network marketing business.

So, I guess I’ll tell you.  When you can consistently rank on page one, with quality content, you will naturally be seen as a leader in the network marketing field.

~ Rich

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