Run With The HuntedHow would you like to be the prey in your network marketing business? Imagine people on every corner of the Internet hunting you down to join your business?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your email inbox full of emails from admin saying “Congratulations, you just made another sale!” 

However, odds are you are the stalker; the thirsty prowler in search of that business  prospect who seems so nimble and stealth.

The most you can count on is finding a weak, exhausted and lame prospect. He’ll ask a million questions, take up your time, get your hopes up…  only to escape from your snare and run to the hunted.

Isn’t it time that you…

Run With The Hunted

Here are Five Easy Steps To Be The Hunted:

1) Establish yourself as a leader. You do this by adding value.

2) Establish your name in the marketplace. You do this by owning your own blog and driving traffic to it.

3) Get your message everywhere the hunters are looking. You do this by writing psychic blog posts that get into the mind and heart of the hunters.

4) Give something before you ever ask for something. It’s called the law of reciprocity. Don’t mess with mother nature.

5) Enroll in Blog Force where I teach you all of these methods and so much more. It’s me teaching you these strategies and tactics; not some cheesy PLR product that was made in 1998.

Enroll in Blog Force now. It’s free! Now, you can run with the hunted.


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