Royaltie Gem Custom Capture Page Marketing

The Royaltie gem is a portable mobile beacon.  It sends a 40 character message to all Android phones within 100 Yards.  

In this video I share a simple marketing strategy to use along with these 'beacons':

  1. Take your beacons to large gatherings of specific groups.  For this example, a Renaissance Faire.
  2. Create a custom capture page speaking to that targeted audience.  I use the IM Phenom which is one of the products inside Easy Cash Code as they allow you to make unlimited​ capture page creations.
  3. Create a secure link (https) using Google Shortner.
  4. If you're using Aweber email autoresponder, create a unique form.  That way you can track your opt ins.
  5. Edit your 'gems' with a target message and google tracking link
Richard OBrien

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