Our phones are personal and we don't want strangers invading our pockets or purses with spam texts and robo-calls.  As a network marketer, it's all to tempting to use it for sales pitches.

In the realm of mobile marketing via txt; building, constructing, and keeping up solid enduring relationships with your clients and prospects is KEY to the achievement and success of your network marketing business.

Here are a few ideas to make reaching out to your prospect list or active downline without coming across as an nuisance. 

  1. The Birthday. Send out birthday greetings via txt.​ "Hey Mary, hope you have a wonderful birthday here's a little gift from me to you [include link to some little bonus you create]
  2. The Check-in:  "Hi John, it's Rich with Legendary Marketer. We haven't talked in forever so I wanted to check in. Everything going okay?" Your prospect and/or downline member knows you have a business relationship - but this is a casual way to check-in.  More than likely they will respond with something regarding the business. For example, 'Hey Rich, been busy. Thanks for reaching out I'm just about ready to get started this week.  When is a good time to chat?"
  3. The Follow up: "Hey Lynn, it's been a week since you started the course. How's it going so far?"  A txt message like this will let your new partner know you care about their success and allow you to find any problem areas to help them out.

Texting your prospects and clients allows them to respond in a time that works for them.  Texting them something that shows that you care about them will get your text messages responded to and will go a long way towards building a trusted relationship.

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