In this Mobile Marketing Code review I will share with you shocking insider details about this video course that you should know before you take the first lesson.

How did I acquire this insider knowledge? Truth be told, this is one of the strangest reviews I've ever written as I am the creator of Mobile Marketing Code.  

But don't worry - I won't let my bias get in the way of sharing with you my honest thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of MMC.​

What is this course and who is it created for?

The course was created specifically for network marketers/affiliate marketers to help them generate mobile leads and communicate with prospects on mobile platforms.  

After all, we look at our phones 150 times a day and read a txt message within 3 minutes of receiving it.  ​So it makes perfect sense to - as a marketer - take advantage of mobile.

But there are hurdles involved in doing mobile marketing properly.  For example

  • What do the laws say about sending text messages?  Can you legally ​send text messages to strangers?
  • Can you datamine phone numbers, upload them to a bulk sender and blast your message out?
  • What type of messages do prospects respond to?
  • How can I generate leads with mobile ads?
  • and many more

​I've been doing some form of mobile marketing for years.  Inside my training site The Lead Academy, I have lots of tutorials on voice broadcasting, ringless messaging and more recently text message marketing.  

I've tested and tried numerous mobile texting platforms like Call Loop, Skipio, Twilio, EZ Texting, and many others.  ​I've tested hundreds of messages, sent tens of thousands of texts, ringless and voice broadcasting in an effort to collect solid data.  This course came about through years of trial and error. 

The goal always being​: generate mobile leads, follow up with mobile communication, build know. like and trust and close more sales.

​Setting Up The Course

The criteria of creating course:

  • ​Each module 10 minutes of less.
  • No fluff or filler 
  • Clear examples
  • Actionable items
  • Step by step - over the shoulder videos
  • Documentation.
  • Easy for anyone to duplicate and have similar results and success

I did hit a few bumps along the way.  Some modules got out of order with the email sequence.  My microphone tweaked out a few times and I've had to re-record a few modules because they were - well - not good.  But, I think what is currently there - well - rocks!

The Modules​

  1. Get The Leads.  In this lesson I teach you how to get an endless supply of phone numbers of active and inactive network marketers.  I also share a simple voice message.
  2. How to Generate Inbound Text Messages: you learn how how to send a simple text message to a genealogy lead/active-inactive network marketer.
  3. Postcard and Text Message:  In this module I teach you how to get names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of active/inactive marketers (for free).  I then share with you the exact postcard I use and the text message follow up. 
  4. Texting Your Warm Market.  In this video I provide a simple text message to send to your chicken list to set up a meeting to share your business opportunity. 
  5. Mobile Video Introductions.  In this video I share with you how I build know, like and trust by sending a 'hello' message to my opt-ins via txt. 
  6. Mobile Capture Pages and TXT Message Response.  In this module I share the importance of having a mobile ready website, how to create your own capture page and then integrate it with a mobile app to quickly send text and emails to your opt-ins. 
  7. TXT Codes to Generate Leads.  There are two kind of codes - short and long.  In this module I teach you how to promote your code to get traffic to your opportunity.  In addition, I provide tools and resources needed that have been vetted by me.
  8. Mass Texting, Ringless Messaging.  This video shows you how to communicate with your ever growing mobile opt-in list and combine it with ringless messaging as well. 
  9. Mobile Advertising - Google Adwords: In this module I teach you how to create a mobile ad to be used in google search, choose keywords and drive daily traffic to your website.
  10. Mobile Advertising - Facebook/Instagram:  in this module I show you how to target your audiance, create ads to be used in mobile campaigns to generate more traffic and opt-ins.
  11. Click to Call.  In this video I teach you how to create a search based add that promotes your phone number.  You'll be able to select the times to receive inbound calls.  Your phone can be ringing off the hook whenever you want it.
  12. Do's and Don'ts of Txt Message Marketing.  So many marketers and even companies promote illegal methods that can get you fined.  In this module I teach you how to navigate and do things the right way and not be spammy. 

Bonus Modules

  1. 10K Formula.  In this module I share with you how to put a mobile marketing plan together in such a way to potentially earn $10K per month.​
  2. The Six Figure Text Message: Revive expired leads, dusty lists, and old marketing pals and turn them into new sales.
  3. 90 Minute Sprint:  Look over the shoulder as I walk you through my 90 minute work day. The exact steps I use daily to make $ online.

In conclusion, I recommend getting Mobile Marketing Code because I believe it can help any marketer with lead generation, follow up and increased sales. Is it perfect? No.  Am I tweaking it all the time? Yes.  


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