mlm lies exposedMLM lies exposed. In just a moment, I’m going to share with you my own list of the Top 5 Lies of MLM. But before I pile on my grievances on some distrubing practices of the MLM industry, let me state, that I have no problem with MLM as a vehicle to distribute goods and services and make a handsome profit.

MLM or multi level marketing is the business of recruiting others as affiliate agents and making money off of their efforts (in addition to your own). It’s about building a sales force. This can go many generations deep: Tom recruits Harry, Harry recruits Linda, Linda recruits Ben and so on. It’s possible, depending on the compensation plan, to get paid on all of those people’s sales efforts, AKA –  your downline.

There are also many offshoot branches of MLM: network marketing and tiered affiliate sales. For the purposes of this article, we’ll lump anything that has ‘generations’ together.

The dream of MLM is to do the work once and get paid over and over again – with a team that’s expanding by means of geometric progression.



Now that we’ve covered what it is, let’s get into the dirt of this industry – at least from my humble perspective.

The Top 5 MLM Lies Exposed

  1. It’s easy.  Some opponents of MLM will say that because the industry suffers from such an abysmal success rate, that MLM is a scam. I would suggest that it stems from the ‘it’s easy’ lie. I’m a credentialed teacher. After I got my credential, I immediately found a job. However, a good chunk of fellow teachers did not. There’s also the fact that 50% of teachers who do get a teaching position quit within 5 years of teaching. The reason? It’s a challenging job. That’s the real world – there’s competition for a limited # of positions and not everyone can do what it takes to be successful. Recruiting and marketing is a specialized skill that takes time, effort and energy to hone – if it was so easy, we’d all be rich.
  2. Anyone can do it.  It’s true, anyone can shell money and become an affiliate. Often times you’ll see these success stories of people who were down and out, never went to college, were late on all their bills, no computer skills, a single working mom  … you get my drift; then, within a short period of time, they are making $10,000 a month. Again, these stories are often true. However, just because someone that struggled – made it, doesn’t mean you will. I guarantee you that the single mom working two jobs that made $10,000 –  worked her butt off. She probably told everyone she knows, caught fire, saw an opportunity and had sleepless nights to make that happen. Anyone cant do it, only the truly committed make it.
  3. Ad Co-ops and Sales Closers. Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do was let other people build your business and close all your sales? After all, who wants to do the dirty work of lead generation and talking to prospects? If you outsource your ‘marketing’ than who is in control of your business? Doesn’t it make sense that you should actually acquire the skill of marketing and talking to people to be a success? Of it course it does. Ad-cops and sales closers may be a band-aid to jump start your business, but they won’t make you a superstar marketer.
  4. The MLM Gurus Know the Secret.  Let me be as blunt as possible – there is no secret. I am friends with guys who train marketing affiliates for a multi-million dollar MLM company – all he does is teach skills.  If there is a secret, here it is: have a complete sales funnel (capture page, sales page), know how to generate traffic, and know how to follow up. Then get better and better at doing generating traffic and following up with people and always feed your mind with personal development books.
  5. Attraction Marketing doesn’t work. Really? Who would you rather join – a lady who makes six figures a year working from home or a brand new person who has never made a dime online? As human beings we are naturally attracted to leaders – they know the hunting grounds – where to find the herd so we can get some meat. If we waste our time following a person who just guesses where the herd is, we may starve to death. Attraction marketing, when done right, is demonstrating results in advance.  Attraction marketing works!

Let’s change this industry together and begin telling the truth. If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

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