MLM Lead Generation Software

Wouldn’t it be great to click a few buttons on your mlm lead generation software and have prospects flock to your opportunity? The good news is you can. But beware… most lead generation software is a waste of your hard earned money, your valuable time and is garbage can worthy.

“In this article I am going to share with you a few programs that have consistently worked for me to haul in leads as if I was using a bulldozer instead of a shovel.  I’ll also share with you some truly miserable pieces of software that you’ll want to stay away from. “

MLM Lead Generation Software

The most frustrating thing about marketing your MLM/Direct Sales business online is struggling to get prospects to a presentation.

Many network marketers are sold the lie – all you need is traffic.  You may be able to use some of the mlm software I’m about to share with you to generate leads; however, if you fail to follow up with your prospect –  have a real conversation – then it doesn’t matter if you have an army of T2 Robots doing your bidding – you’re not going to sell your widget and get a new recruit.

The fortune is in the follow up! MLM software is merely a tool to engage in prospecting and follow up activities.

Your goal should be able to use software to find, sift and sort for you. That way, you’re only talking with the most qualified prospects – not tire kickers and look-e-loos.

Having said that, let me give you a good rule of thumb when choosing the appropriate software – stay away from any device, system or software that dumps your hyperlinks on junk sites in bulk. I personally know a guy who creates the same junk piece of software over and over again, re-labels it, and sells it to unsuspecting dupes.

The cheesy sales for video for this software always follows the same pitch format – the system will add your link to a rotator and start blasting it all over the net and you’ll magically make money. This is junk traffic at best.

Stay away from anything that you don’t control and know where the traffic is coming from. Why? because it would be impossible to join in a conversation. You’d be better off going to a supermarket and asking the person behind you in line ‘if they keep their options open to making money from home.’

What? You don’t want to do that? OK then, let’s look at some things that work.

My Favorite MLM Lead Generation Software Video

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Rich’s 2016 MLM Lead Generation Software Solutions

  1. Leadjumper   The creator of the defunct Lead Net Pro, Dan Miller, has returned in 2016 with a bang.  His new system is better, faster and stronger (and cheaper).  Leadjumper’s all-in-one product suite includes:   data mining software that creates targeted phone leads (and business mailing lables).   Extract from Google, Bing, Merchant Circle and Yelp. Lists can be created in minutes.  Then use the lists to send ringless voicemail’s for .0035 per min. Also inluded is easy to create sales funnel makers, integrated SMS Chat, and a networked blog. You’ll love how easy the system works.  This will generate daily leads. All members who join through my link get access to my private training site The Lead Academy and my exclusive SMS service. Only $197 and $20 a month.  Earn $150 on every sale.
  2. GoRingless  and GoRingless Extreme.  This company offers two products:  (1) done-for-you ringless messaging and (2) downloadable extraction software.  You own the software and there are no monthly fees.  The extractors pull both email data and phone data from directories like: Allpages,, OLX and several others.  If your target market is other marketers, this tool get’s the job done.  The cost: $297 – $497.  The compensation is good as well: earn $200 per sale with only 1 passup.
  3. The Conversion Pros.  Here’s what they offer: capture page creator software, Email autoresponder, blog creator, mobile website creator, invoice creator, tiny url creator, link rotator, marketing videos and step by step training, wholesale leads (buy them for .74 cents). Coming soon: text message broadcaster and lead autodialer.  $1 Trial.  You can’t go wrong with this software suite of tools and training.


I’ve created a video training site called The Lead Academy which sales for $297.  The video training traing I provide in the Academy is the missing pieces these companies fail to produce.  I’ve been using and refining these techniques for years.  You’ll learn additional lead generation methods plus the all-important follow up techniques that will boost your sales.  When you join me in any of these programs I include access to my video trainings (except the $15 level of MLM ROD).

MLM lead generation software should automate your tasks much like a washing machine does all the scrubbing and cleaning of your clothes.  What matters most is the message behind the task, advertisement or connection.





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I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!


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