The Master Key System

In 2010 I had a received a phone call from a fellow marketer Mark Januszewski. The conversion started off talking about online leads and ended with discussions of quantum mechanics and the power of subconscious mind. Not your typical marketing call to say the least.

Mark was developing a new course called MKMMA or Master Key Mastermind Alliance and invited me to participate as a charter member. MKMMA was based off the teachings of Charles F. Haanel's work called The Master Key System (published in 1916).

Haanel is regarded as one of the founding fathers of LOA - aka The Law of Attraction.  (Basically 'The Secret' circa Model T era)​.

I thought Mark was brilliant and provided keen observations on ​the influence of the subconscious mind and the decision making process. However, I thought Haanel's work read like pseudo-science metaphysical hogwash. 

Nonetheless, I suspended my disbelief and followed Mark's instructions; created a vision board, recorded my voice making affirmations, placing pictures all over the house with my intentions listed in graphic detail.

On the vision board I mapped out a future life - everything from the home I lived in (hardwood floors, granite counter tops, a new convertible car, the relationships (married again with an amazing women) I developed and places I would travel (Italy).

​This was in stark contrast to my reality.  I was at a real low point in my life - having recently separated from my wife at the time, moving from a beautiful home to an apartment, rasing my kids all alone and driving a POS car. 

One night as I was reading Haanel's 'scrolls'I just said to myself 'this is bull$^% - what am I doing wasting my time on this?"  I just couldn't see spending my valuable time on concepts written by some kook author  from a hundred years ago.

Here's where it get's even more weird

​A few weeks ago I was in Rome, Italy with my lovely bride.  I ran into a marketing buddy of mine, Jerry Maurer, and we had a few drinks at an Irish pub.  He sent me a recording of a little video we made (see it below).  After watching the video I thought about my old MKMMA vision board.  "Didn't I write something about this six years ago?"  

Sure enough, almost everything I wrote out on my vision board has come to pass.  Success in marketing, amazing relationships, traveling the world, connecting and befriending top online marketers, and experiencing a joy-filled life.  It may be time to create a 2nd vision board.​

Richard OBrien

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