What I've Read:

The Big Problem with One of the Most Popular Assumptions about the Poor.

In the late 1960s, Walter Mischel, a researcher at Stanford University, invited several hundred children to participate in a game in which they were given a choice: They could eat one sweet right away, or wait and have two a little later. Initially, the goal was simple: to see how and why people (kids in this case) delayed gratification. But after the end of the experimentMischel began to check in with as many of the participants’ families as he could, and over the following decade he learned that his little experiment probably had much larger implications than he had anticipated.

What stood out to me about this article was that the right choice for the impoverished child was to take the marshmallow now; because in their world, additional marshmallows may not show up in 5 minutes.  

However, that short-term thinking will eventually create patterns of impulse activity which negatively affects them into adulthood.  

I can relate to this because I grew up lower middle class in a family of 6.  If a box of Sugar Smacks came into the house, it was gone that day and the rest of the week was cream of wheat. 

It's important as human beings to look at our adult choices and ask where they come from and if the 'patterns of the past' serve us well now.

What I Watched​

Searching For Sugarman​

Decades after Detroit singer-songwriter Rodriguez disappeared following the commercial failure of his two critically praised records in the 1970s, two fans from South Africa, where Rodriguez was a huge hit, try to track down their idol.

I had a spin-party last month (friends bring over records and craft beer).  My brother dropped the needle on this Detroit cat from 1972 - Sixto Rodriguez. Immediately you could tell this guy was Bob Dylan meets Jim Croce mixed in with some psychedelic overtones. It really blew my mind.  I couldn't believe I never heard this dude before. 

Although both of Sixto's records were flops and he fell into obscurity, little did he know that he was as big as Elvis in South Africa.  Watch the DVD, and take the Sugarman ride.

A Thing I Did with My Children

It's Summer and the kids are home​ with me ... all day long.  Earlier in the week I got a little frustrated with their lack of courtesy, willingness to pick up after themselves and general rudeness.  Can you relate? 

We had a little 'family meeting' where I put the breaks on their attitudes.  

There's no way I wanted to go through the entire summer with 2 teens and a tween of grumbling and complaining all week.

Yesterday was a cool 74 degrees.  I decided to plan a little fun day.  We all piled into my 2016 Volkswagen Turbo Bug and went to Barnes and Noble to get some summer reading books. ​

​My 17 year old picked up Michiu Kaku's The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind

My 14 year old picked up Elmore Leonard's 'Charlie Martz​.' When I asked him why he picked the book he replied' it had a gun on the cover.' Typical boy.

My 11 year old selected The Darkest Part of the Forest​ by Holly Black. I didn't need to ask here why she choose it - It has Faeries in it. 

We then went to river, rolled out some blankets and read our books, played a little Frisbee and munched on jalapeno chips and Gatorade.  They were all thankful and had a wonderful time and even thanked the Good Lord in the evening supper prayers for the day!

Something I purchased this week

Earlier in the week I was walking around a little historic town here in California.  The family and I would walk in and out of antique and knick-knack shops. 

Upon entering an apothecary soap shop, I was hit with a waft of amazing smells: rosemary, lavender, ​chamomile and honey. I ended purchasing a botanical bar of soap.  

It's amazing how a little thing like a bar of soap can enliven the senses.  I think it's important to soak in the beauty, wonder and craftsmanship this world has to offer.  Which leads me to thing #4

Something to Ponder

The great author, C.S. Lewis wrote a reflection piece on staring at a beam of light in a shed. He pondered the beauty of the particles floating around.  ​Read it and learn how to heighten your senses and sense of awe.

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