Step #1: drive targeted traffic to your lead capture page

ie. collect the lead 1st

Many ways to do this

  1. Reverse Marketing

    1. skype

  2. Calling Leads

    1. Auto

  3. Postcard Marketing

  4. Paid Advertising

  5. Automated Ad Posting

  6. Voice Broadcasting

  7. Text Message Marketing

  8. Facebook Advertising

    1. Posting Ads

    2. Graph Search

  9. Youtube Marketing

    1. Creating an intro

  10. Blogging

  11. Email Marketing

  12. Solo Ads
  13. PPV (one of my personal favorites)
  14. PPC
  15. Youtube Marketing
  16.  Voice Broadcasting
  17.  Banners
  18. Press Releases
  19. Article marketing
  20.  Social Media
  21. Offline to Online (a 2nd of my personal favorites)

Download my top 50 Ways here (free PDF – no-opt required)

 Step #2: Build / collect / contain your HERD

Herd = LIST

Your “herd” is a group of people that have come into your marketing funnel, looking for information about a particular idea or opportunity that you offered.

You can attract them and keep them attracted to you, by offering a free report, cd, webinar, good content that informs and inspires, etc…

The more you cultivate your communication with your list, the more responsive and attracted to you they’ll become.

Step #3: Creating Conversions

Shifting traffic (leads) into cash paying customers

This is where money exchanges hands from your prospects to yours.

You can create conversions almost on demand by providing good content (see step #2) which by default helps create the important “know, like and trust” equation so your prospects become your customers v/s someone

Of course, this is a watered down version of the entire process, as there are many moving parts that make this process flow with little to no resistance, but what you’ve gained here today is the foundation from which to build off of.

You can build a stable $100K + income per year using this formula, in just about any niche imaginable.

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