In this video I share with you a simple LiveGood Traffic Generation strategy.

“Cheers! Hey, it’s Rich. Today is day 17 of 365 of making videos for you. I make them for YouTube, but I also make them for my team. I send these videos to my team so they see exactly what I’m doing day by day.

 My hope is that I inspire others to take marketing seriously. I work all day as a teacher, so I try to go through my emails and respond to them during my lunch break. After the workday is done, I start planning out the next video I’m going to produce. 

Sometimes I record that video in my actual classroom and other times I’ll come home and make a video. 

All in all, I spend about an hour to two hours per day planning my marketing and executing my marketing.

The marketing system that I use is from Leadsleap. It helps create my capture page that you see here in the video above.

Some people are really great at Facebook, but I’m not that great at it. I don’t want to spend hours on Facebook messaging people. It’s not my thing. I like making videos and talking with people, so that’s more my thing. 

However, you need to find your thing, whatever that is. I’m going to show you one simple strategy that I use to get people to my YouTube page, and that is by posting ads on Leadsleap. 

These are for free and it’s free traffic that I get to send people over here to my Mobile Marketing Lifestyle YouTube page.

If you become a member of Leadsleap, and by the way, if you just go 

You’ll see a picture of me and it’s got everything I do there. My LiveGood link, my Leadsleap link, my mobile marketing software that I use, and my traffic that I use. 

If you just want to connect with me on the social networks, it’s all there too. I don’t hide anything, I’m pretty transparent and I put it all out there for you to use as you see fit. 

Let me walk you through how I make one of these clickable ads LeadsLeap. (Watch Video)

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