You’ve heard about LiveGood and you’re sold on the opportunity. Let me ask you a question:

Does it matter who your sponsor is?

Absolutely, who you align with could be the difference maker between success and failure.

The reason being, is that your matrix is being partially filled by your sponsor and your team. A few questions you consider when joining someone in LiveGood are:

  1. Is your sponsor responsive?

  2. Does your sponsor offer marketing support?

  3. Is your sponsor a pump and dump marketer?

A pump and dump marketer is a here today and gone tomorrow sponsor. These bottom feeders are often full-time marketers with very persuasive sales skills and large mailing lists and big Youtube channels.

They are always looking for the newest, shiny object in the make-money-from-home space to pump to their list.

Once they find the new hot thing, like LiveGood, they turn on their marketing spigot.

However, these pump and dump marketers are not in it for the long haul. They know the average person stays in an opportunity for less than 90 days. They won’t be here a year from now. They won’t be answering your questions, growing your matrix, or sharing new marketing ideas.

Once the 90 days is up, the pump and dump marketers move on to the next big thing. Then the cycle repeats.

Avoid these marketers at all costs.

As for myself, I am 100% in for LiveGood. Follow my channel, there will be no other network marketing opportunities that I promote. It’s my ride or die opportunity.

I do market tools for traffic and leads - but that’s it. I’m in LiveGood to build a stable and successful team. Make sure you find a sponsor with similar goals.

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