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Today I’m going to share with you why I recently joined Live Good, what I think are the major benefits of this program, some weaknesses and also share with you a fast action bonus that you won’t want to miss out on. I’m going to hook you up.

Discover my Live Good Review Bonuses in the video below.

Why I joined Live Good.

To be honest, I never thought I’d join an MLM again. The last one I was in a few years ago had a really good CBD product line. Within about 5 months I had recruited over 60 people. But, because the products were $60 to $100 dollars, they didn’t keep their autoship. Then a worldwide event happened and I said, forgot about it. I just happily sold my mobile marketing tools.

Until one of the marketers I follow shared Live Good. Here’s what caught my attention:

  • Live Good sell 750 MG bottle of CBD for $18. Not $80 or $100. They sell skin serum for $14.95 instead of $50. All of their products seem like wholesale prices. They are going to crush the competition.

  • The next attention getter was that there is no monthly autoship requirement. It’s just $9.95 a month to maintain your affiliate status, you can choose or not choose to order products when you feel like. That means members aren’t going to drop like flys. They’ll stay in.

  • The final reason is the Powerline marketing system. They way it works is that prospects can pre-enroll. Then as new pre-enrollees and paid members come into the program, they get notified. Which prompts them to become a paid member so they don’t possibly miss out on someone being part of their Matrix. I like this because enrollments happen on autopilot.

The weaknesses of the program are that there isn’t a ton of upfront commission. Yes, you’ll earn about $25 per new affiliate when they join, but the Matrix income will take time to grow.

However, if you just enroll a couple people a month, the program is essentially free - including the products!

Now it’s time to talk about my crazy bonus offer.

I want to build a team fast. I’m looking for go-getters. So this is my Go-getter special for my first 50 enrollees.

LiveGood.com Bonus for Fast Action Takers

I am the owner and admin for Mobile Marketing Code. It’s mobile marketing training, software plus an income opportunity.

The software includes an advanced QR Code Maker. A social Media bio page Maker (like Lintree) and a Booking Appointment app (like Calendly). It sells for $300 and you’re going to get it for free as long as you remain an active affiliate with Live Good. You can also resell it and earn $200 instant commissions.

Since I’m in launch mode, I decided to add one more bonus to seal the deal. If you join in the month of January 2023, you are going to receive a 5 day Mexico Vacation voucher. This is a 100% real voucher to an upscale resort in Mexico. I’ve used it, it works, and I’m using one again this Summer. Here, watch this video of me in Cancun.

OK, let’s wrap this up. My Live Good link is right below this video. The next 50 members are going to receive Mobile Marketing Code and all the mobile marketing tools and training, plus if you join in the month of January, I’ll include a free Mexico vacation voucher.

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