It took me years to uncover the real Internet network marketing secrets; the funny thing about it they were always hidden in plain site – as you soon shall understand.

The Internet is merely a tool to deliver people information. When someone searches online they are really just asking a question. Therefore it makes sense to answer that question.

So secret #1 is answer questions.

In our niche of MLM, Direct Sales and Network Marketing prospects are generally looking for three things:

  1. How and where to get leads
  2. How to generate traffic
  3. How to close the sale.

Internet network marketing secrets

Within those three main headings are many subheadings or micro-searches. For example, questions related to ‘How to Close the Sale’ could be something like:

  • How do I overcome MLM objections?
  • What are the most effective MLM Scripts?
  • How do I improve my telephone skills to close more prospects?
  • How do I make an effective presentation?
  • Do video presentations close prospects better than live presentations?
  • How do I write effective copy?

So, to use secret #1, choose one of the main categories and start brainstorming qestions you would want answered and choose one. From there, collect data, interview people, and if possible, field test.

An example of field testing would be to create a list of 20 headlines. Place them in a tracking rotator and see which headlines gets the most hits. That is valuable ‘information’ that someone would want to know.

I recently did that when I wrote a review article for the service of CPC Broker. My questions was: will using a paid advertising source as simple as CPC Broker actually work? I then field tested it and started documenting my findings.

The result was I got a page 1 ranked article because a lot of other people have the same question. Once answered, they started joining my list because they saw me as a trusted adviser.

Internet network marketing secrets #2 is to analyze the top sites on the web and incorporate the essential aspect that draw people to them in mass. That way, people are interested and excited about what you have to offer.

The Top Sites on the Internet and How to Use Them (not in any order):

  1. Facebook – people want to know what other people are up to. They want to know your behind the scenes life. For example, shoot video when you go to an event in an exotic location. Or share a personal story of overcoming a limitation.
  2. Google – people want information, facts, access, and knowledge to better help them make decisions. If you’re going to do a review in a blog post or YouTube video provide quality content. Take time to research and get your facts straight. After all, what you create on the net will sometimes stay forever – so make it something you can be proud of and hang your name on.
  3. Ebay – People love to buy stuff. An effective network marketer will not only provide killer content, they’re going to ask you for the sale. That sale doesn;t always mean a financial transaction. In fact, all you really ever want to do is sell the next step. If you look below, next to my picture you’ll a good example.

The final and 3rd Secret to Internet Network Marketing  is to be authentic.

People will join your MLM if they feel they can trust you to lead them. They don’t want a phoney baloney smooth talker. They want someone they can relate with. A trend that’s happening right now in our community is that the weirdest people are rising to the top of pay plans. Weird people have no problem being themselves. Perhaps all of us should let our freak flag fly – I guarantee you, it will resonate with someone out there.

~ Rich O’Brien ~
Skype: rich-obrien

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