iMarketslive Review – Forex Scam or Legit?

 This iMarketslive review 2017 is written by an actual IML affiliate. I use their products and engage in their education training.  Most of the other reviews are click-bait designed to lure you to some other affiliate product by yelling "imarketslive is a scam.'

Forex is the largest trading market in the world.​  People like George Soros and Stanley Druckenmiller have made their billions trading currencies.  The modern era has now made Forex trading available to the masses.  Imarketslive provides forex education, charts, signals and scanners to assist you to engage successfully in the market. 

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Last year I visited Italy.  I visited Chase bank and traded $1000 US Dollars for Euros. Depending on what day you make that 'exchange' will determine how many Euros you will receive.  If I never spent a single Euro and came back to the US 3 weeks later I could receive more dollars or less dollars back. 

Understand forex and how the currencies fluctuate along with the patterns  will dictate your success.

IML Academy

As of this writing, there are 13 main education modules with numerous submodules.  Here are just a few:

  1. Basic Videos (History of Forex, When to Trade Forex, etc) introduces you to subject matter.
  2. Basic 2: What is a PIP, Candlesticks, trends, support and resistence, etc
  3. Basic 3: Your trading window, stop loss, the three types of analysis, your trading plan etc.

IML goes on to teach: technical analysis, market geometry, mindset, advanced training, harmonics, etc.

Is learning a scam? I think not.  Ignorance and magic systems are scams.

Auto Trading (Hands Free)

IML has two mirror trading products: Fusion Trader & FX Signals live.  Meaning, an IML expert can trade your account through an MT4 account. These are vetted professional traders.  You can see their prior results before you select your trader. If a trader is not good, they get rid of them. 

My chase savings pays me 1% per year.  What if 1% a month was possible?   In my first 20 days with Optimus Prime (one of the traders) I earned on average of 1% per day! I post my results on my Facebook imarkets live fanpage. I am not saying that OP will get that everyday, honestly, I would be stoked with 1% a month.  However, so far, my expectations are being blown away.  Which leads me to this disclaimer:

***Your results will vary. These results aren't typical. Past profits doesn't indicate future gains.***

If you are risk averse, then Forex trading and entrepreneurship is not your game.  In fact, it is encouraged that you trade with a dummy trading account and test it before you lay real money on the line. Only step into the arena when you are confident and aren't risking your mortgage payment to make ends meet.

iMarketsLive TV

I'm a teacher by trade.  It's one thing to give a student a book or video to watch. Any good teacher will then break it down with real world examples and field questions.  That is what iMarkets TV provides.  

You get to look over the shoulder at traders analyzing the market, at all hours of the day, and walking you through proper setups, entrys and exits. Plus, there is a live chat window to get your questions answered.  Absolutely phenonmenal!  So let me ask you, is live training a scam? Of course not. ​

Swipe Trades

Imagine having an app on your phone that alerts you when pre-analyzed trade by a professional forex trader is just about to go down.

They provide the currency pair, entry, profit and stop loss.  If you like it, you trade it on the fly from your ​mobile phone.

​If you don't like it, just click 'decline.' 

Easy-peezy, right?

Last night I took a swipe trade of the Eur/USD and it made 170 pips!  ​

It's there for you to earn while you learn.​

Is getting an alert from a professional, vetted IML trader a scam? Heck no.  It's just a cool tool that you can get as an IML customer.​

Harmonic Scanner

I've got to admit, I'm a Harmonic Scanner junkie.  This tool​ assists me in analytical trading.  It provides me clear stops, entry and profit points.  

Combined with the harmonic education training, this bad-boy is my secret profit weapon. 

Nothing is more exciting them setting up my trades before bed, based on the scanner, and w​ake up in the morning to profitable pips. 🙂

I could go on and on about the other features, tools and training within imarketslive, but for brevity I'll stop here.  Needless to say, IML is focused on helping newbies and seasoned forex veterans to grab the forex market and shake the pip tree.

Is iMarkets Live an MLM?​

​Network marketing is a 178 Billion dollar a year industry.  With iMarketslive you have the option of becoming an IBO and earn referral commissions of direct and team sales.

However, it is encouraged to start with iML as customer. You can still refer members and receive a benefit - your first two referral customers can make your monthly fee - free.  If you want to keep referring members and start earning, you can switch it up on your 3rd refferal and become an iBO.​

If you don't want a free account or to earn additional income - no problem - remain a satisfied customer. ​

I won't go into the whole compensation plan now, but just know that you can earn $35 per direct referral and build a combined team of 12 and earn $600 a month residual.  Of course, that's just the beginning and the sky is the limit.  You set your own income based on your own efforts.  Pure capitalism - you chart your own destiny.

Unit of Prosperity​

I'm part of one of the fastest growing teams in iMarkets live called UOP.  Being on our team has some amazing benefits:

  • ​Free Marketing System (capture pages, sales pages)
  • Free team trading alerts
  • Free team marketing training led by Reginald Stinson
  • Active Facebook Group
  • Active 24/7 Messenger
  • Live Webinars
  • and much more.
  • And it's all free 🙂   We want you to win and win BIG.

In conclusion, iMarketslive is legit.  You owe to yourself to check it out right now.  I'm here to help you as well.


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