Knowing how to write a hypnotic blog post will give your the power to inform, entertain and persuade in an almost subliminal manner.  After all, don’t you desire for your readers to chew on your  delicious words, from beginning to end, as if eating a  home-made hot apple pie ala-mode – scrapping every last drop of cream and crust out of the bowl desiring another bite?

The Great Agreement

In a famous poem by the poet Rumi he say’s

Out beyond our ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I will meet you there.

Getting your reader into a hypnotic state is finding that field. In hypnosis it’s called ‘agreement.’ The reader needs to feel safe in your hands as you lead them on your journey of words.

So let’s begin this journey together, now, in this moment.

Here are my top three tips for…

How to Write a Hypnotic Blog Post

1. Be Here Now

Getting your reader into a  state of relaxed awareness (a hypnotic state) can be easy if you’re willing to take a little extra time before you begin your writing. I’m reminded of a scene from Mad Men when Don Draper was attending his daughters school play. Folded chairs were organized on a lawn, children were gleefully getting ready, and the teacher (who was hot for Don) kept giving knowing glance.

No doubt Draper had a million thoughts going on his mind.

But then, something strange happened.

The camera  ever so slightly went into slow motion as  Don bent his hand down and moved his fingers slowly over the grass. The result was mesmerizing. It’s as if Don caught a glimpse of eternity within a blade of grass.

My point is, you need to slow down your thoughts, and focus on the moment before you being your hypnotic blog post.

2.  Have a Definite Purpose for Writing

What action should your reader take after they finish reading your post? Do they want more information, click a link, sell everything they own and move to a remote island?

Begin with the end in mind. As a blogger – a publisher – you are your own editor in chief – there’s no crusty-old-grey-haired guy, chomping a cigar telling you to tighten up your copy.

With that in mind, don’t rashly slam out a post thinking that the world is hanging on your every word – as if you were the great Seth Godin and that at any moment you were going to get a phone call to be the next guest speaker at Ted Talks.

The point is, value your reader, their time, their interest, provide value and most assuredly, provide direction and purpose.

3. Use Story Telling Elements

This may be the most important aspect on how to write a hypnotic blog post – telling stories. Before the printed word was mass produced and life was televised, men and women sat around a warm fire as the wood crackled and popped and the storyteller lured listeners into exotic tales of heroes, gods, demons, maidens, loss and love.

Human beings are hard wired for stories. Most of the time we live in our head. When you are re-telling a story or using word pictures that evoke feelings, you are hypnotically getting in your reader’s head.

Stories hold attention, suspend time, and naturally take the reader into a suggestive state.



Rich O’Brien is a graduate of CSUS with a degree in Communications Studies and a credentialed California teacher. He has recently released a course entitled How to Sell with Stories.

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