In the movie The Jerk, Nathan (Steve Martin) breaks up with his girlfriend with the refrain that he doesn’t need anything. As he dejectedly walks out the door, he slowly collects random items like a remote control and chair saying ‘and that’s all I need.’

How to recruit for your network marketing business. In the last 90 days I have successfully recruited 65 people for my online network marketing businesses.  This has generated a residual income and I’m seeing my recruits have success themselves.

And get this, I did all of this without spending a dime on marketing.

It wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t to long ago that, like Nathan, I would grab every new piece of marketing software, buy every new course, thinking ‘that’s all I need.’

It drove me crazy; as one of my mantras in life is ‘success leaves clues, follow them and you’ll get a similar result.’I was NOT getting the results that were advertised on the flashy pages with the falling dollar bills.

‘How difficult could it be?’ I would ask myself in total frustration. So a few years ago, I focused on learning one method to generate leads – voice broadcasting. In fact I wrote an ebook on the subject call The  7Secrets of Voice Broadcasting Riches (click the link and read the PDF).

It worked and I got better and better at it. But that’s not how I did it these last 90 days. Because, like I said, all 65 of my recruits cost me zero in advertising. And no, I did not recruit friends and family or strangers at Wal-Mart. (yuck)

By now, you may be wondering what was the transformation and can you do it as well, right?

How to Recruit for Your Network Marketing Business

There is a great debate raging in our network marketing community. And that has to do with the power of branding and attraction marketing. Some say that success must be tied to a duplicateable system. Others say, become an authority figure to gain success.

What I’ve found, and what actually works for me, is doing both.

Here are some simply steps anyone could follow and begin to build a list of followers for free.

  1. Get a blog. I think it’s optimal to get your own PLUS be part of a to achieve near instant page one success.
  2. Learn one aspect of marketing (for example, how to write and place solo ads). Practice for 90 days, writing down how it’s working, tweak it along the way and record your results
  3. Post your progress on your blog, Facebook, Youtube,  Twitter and all other sorts of methods to get your story out there. You could become the SoloAd King of Solo Ad Queen of network marketing .Everyone would know of your legend.
  4. Create a Case Study and publish your results. Use that case study as free PDF for opting in.

That’s what I’ve done with blogging. I’ve focused on learning how to blog. By that I mean, creating compelling content, getting content ranked in the search engines (see a list of some of my my recent page rankings here).

As a result, I get a daily flow of leads. I’ve found highly converting offers and systems that people will get out their credit card and buy. From there. I arrange a call with my new recruit and provide an overview and step by step setup so they can also achieve success.

I think that’s the greatest part of all – knowing I really possess the skills to help others.


~ Rich O’Brien

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