how to prospect using skypeOver 2 billion minutes have been spent using Skype. So it makes sense to research: How to prospect using Skype.

Skype marketing may be the funnest method and least scary of all the reverse marketing methods.

After all, you’re mostly just text chatting. I could have called this tutorial “Chat for Cash,”

Remember, reverse marketing is a strategy whereby the buyer seeks the seller. For our purposes we want other marketers/entrepreneurs to want we have.

We want them to buy from us, plain and simple.

This is a no-cost method. Skype is free and if you’re reading this, then I assume you’ve already got Internet.

After I share the Easy Skype Method with you, I’m going to show how to put it on steriods with a new software tool that magically turns $315 into $5,300.

Let’s get to it.

Your Success in online marketing, affiliate marketing, mlm is determined by the # of quality conversations you have on a daily basis. Skype is a worldwide phenomena, available for prospecting at all hours of the day.

Therefore, it’s pretty easy to find at least 10 – 20 people a day to chat with.

skype marketing


I’m going to teach you how to have an easy, quality conversation aka, chat on skype.

I discovered this technique quite by accident. A guy had opted into my list but didn’t leave his phone number. When I googled his email address I clicked on the link and discovered he had a Skype account. I friended him and started chatting about the business.

Then I had that ah-ha moment.  What if I could chat with other marketers who haven’t opted in yet.

What I didn’t want to do was spam them with something like, look at my business and make lots of money.

My strategy became to hold a normal friendly conversation and see if I can add value.

Let’s look at how I find them first.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Pick a company name.

For example.

  • Xango
  • Prepaid Legal
  • Etc.

In this example, I used Empower Network. Instantly I find people that have

left their Skype ID on their blog post, website or Youtube channel.

skype lead generation 1

Just copy thier skype name, open up your Skype software and in the search bar,

just search for the person.

After their name populates, click “add to contact.” Send that message and you’re

good to go. They’ll get a notification and add you. Why wouldn’t they? They want

prospect to contact them, that’s why they published on the web.

 skype lead generation 2

Here are some Suggestions for getting added:

Keep it a mystery as to why you are contacting them. But you don’t want to come

across as a creepy person either. You solve that by having a nice picture of yourself.

On your mood Leave an inspiring quote. Have a fun or inspiring quote; something that

will communicate that this person looks likeable and friendly.

 How to Prospect Using Skype

What you don’t want to do is come across as a cheesy used car salesmen.

Your objective is to engage in a fun and meaningful conversation in an attempt to start an online marketing relationship. Again, the point is to get to know them, not instantly spray them with our link and buy now button.

You can be certain of this: 97% of these folks aren’t making a dime. They are prime candidates. So, knowing this what should be your angle?

Be a person of value. Let’s look at a conversation starter.

“Hey, I notice you are marketing XYZ Company, how’s that working for you?”

If it’s working great, ask them:

“Do you ever have problems getting leads?”

If no: “That’s awesome, sound like you’re doing it! So am I, I promote something different than XYZ company.  I use Skype to reach out to other marketers and make connections. You know, Facebook charges a $1 to send messages now – that’s nuts! Here’s my Facebook name: itsrichobrien Go ahead and add me when you get a minute. “

At this point you can continue the conversation, ask them if they have a blog. If they do, go to the blog, read a post, and leave a comment.  That way we’re connecting, being authentic and adding value. Remember, people will join or buy from those they know and trust. Position yourself as a leader with something of value to offer.

It could be a PDF on how to right headlines for classified ads, a free debit card with $20 on it from a CPA offer, a, lead strategy, a phone script – anything really that will help them in their business. Much like this video you’re watching right now!

Here’s another conversation starter:

“Hey, I notice you are marketing XYZ Company, how’s that working for you?”

If it’s NOT working great, ask them:

You have a few choices:

You could say, “why didn’t it work? Do you think if that problem was solved

you’d still want to make money?”

If it was a lead problem, offer them your solution piece. Invite them to The Lead Academy as your guest.

Then conclude the conversation by sharing each others Facebook info and let them know that it’s been cool chatting with them.

Now, every few days you can hit them up on SKYPE and follow them on FB. Then stay in contact, be the solution provider they so desperately need. Make it your goal to have 10 quality conversations a day and you will see success.

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