In this blog post you’ll quickly learn how to download a Youtube video to your computer. The good news is I found a free program that literally rips the video right off Youtube and saves it as a video file (AVI or mpeg4).

I’m going to give you the link to download this software in a second, but first, hold your enthusiasm for a second. Because if you don’t follow these instructions you’ll be stuck with some stupid toolbar in your browser.

The program is called YouTube Downloaded HD. It’s 100% free and works like a champ.


  1. Easy to use:
    just copy video URL from your web browser and paste to Youtube to MP3 Converter.
    No need to use scripts or browser plug-ins.
  2. Convert the downloaded audio to MP3 with the selected quality.
  3. You can choose between different MP3 audio quality settings: Low Quality (64 kbps), Medium Quality (128 kbps) or High Quality (192 kbps)

Be sure when you download it that you’re carefully UNselecting the toolbar – unless you really want it. I suspect this is how they earn their money – by having a toolbar on your browser.

How to Download a Youtube Video to Your Computer

What I wanted to do was use bits and parts of YouTube videos, edit them, and re-purpose the content.  So after downloading the video I open up Camtasia (a screen editing software) and begin to make my adjustments, new titles, and voiceover. I then upload it my blog  (not Youtube) and send it to my private list.

Dealing with copyright issues.

This can be a sticky issue. If you’re unsure don’t do it.

he YouTube Terms of Service aren’t too keen on folks downloading YT videos that lack an official download link or button.



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