go ringless review
In this Go Ringless review, I’ll highlight key features that you must know before purchasing this voicemail messaging system and data mining software.  I’ll also reveal my Go Ringless Bonus.

Yes, I do have a bias in this review as I am an affiliate (meaning I make $ when you use my link – I’ll teach you how).  However, I’ll let you know my real world experience using ringless messaging.  I’ll also point out a few weaknesses (that I plug in) to make this a must have system and toolset for generating daily leads and exploding your business.

Go Ringless Review

Back in October of 2009 I had my first $1000 day in online marketing.  The product I was selling was a voice broadcasting platform.  However, voice broadcasting has fallen out of favor because of two reasons:

  1. FCC Laws against live robo calls
  2. The rise of the cell phone.

It’s totally illegal to voice-broadcast to a cell phone as you force the listener sometimes to incur fees (minutes) while taking an unsolicited call. This makes calling leads difficult.  You can buy thousands of phone leads for business opportunity seekers for 2 cents a lead.  But what are you supposed to do with them?

Disruptive Innovation: Ringless Messaging

Some smart programmers figured out how to avoid making the phone ring (thus not incurring fees) and drop a voice message into the voicemail inbox of the recipient.

Go Ringless is an ‘all-inclusive’ ringless messaging system.  Some features include:

  • Drops recorded messages into voicemail in boxes
  • Hands free: Simply send your recording and list to company, they manage the rest.
  • Wholesale pricing: 4 cents to as low as 2.52 cents per 60 second message
  • Data mining software to pull cell phone numbers from directories like All Pages or search engines like Bing
  • No monthly fees.  Just a one time payment of $297
  • Generate near instant results

I personally use ringless voicemail drops to promote my big ticket direct sales business by leaving thousands of messages a day in the voicemail boxes of opportunity seekers. My message is something like this:

Hi, this is Rich, I wanted to reach out to you – you must be busy today, went straight to voicemail.   I understand you’re looking for a business all I do is advertise a recorded call.  People listen in, if they like what they hear, the leave me there phone.  You can call it right now: 916-287-9888.  That’s it!”

Only interested prospects leave a message – and that’s who I call back!  Pretty simple right?  Alternatively, I could send them to my website if I wanted.

I also have other messages to send to active and inactive network marketers and sell them the Go Ringless system.  How do I get their phone numbers? I use the provided data miners.

Go Ringless Compensation Plan

I love easy to understand comp plans.  Here it is:

  • Sell a Go Ringless system:  Earn $200
  • Your new member owes you their first sale – which is called a’training sell’.  After that, they are qualified and make $200 a pop forever.
  • You get paid directly – I personally use Paypal

Go Ringless Bonus

A weakness of the GR is that there is very little training in the back-office. I am on the owner of The Lead Academy.  I teach and train how to generate leads, follow up and close sales using technology and a personalized approach.

I have over 18 modules.  Here are a few:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Postcard Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Scripts for network marketers
  • etc.

This month alone I have made $14,500 in my primary business working part time (I’m a full time high school teacher) from home using the strategies I teach in The Lead Academy.

I charge $297 for TLA. But if you decide to join today, you get a free scholarship.  As an added bonus, you will get the rights to give away free scholarships to your recruits. That is another $997 value.

Got questions? Call Rich 619-796-3465.  Otherwise, view my Go Ringless Review presentation now.

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