What I'm Reading:The Obstacle is The Way

by Ryan Holiday. Here's your word for the day 'stoicism.' It's a philosophy popularized by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius that essentially says to embrace the %#@* in your life - it just may teach you something.

Cigar of the WeekArturo Fuente Anejo

. This beauty is aged in cognac barrels. It's a little on the sweet side but full of spices.

Things the inspired meCan We Get Smoke?

by Eric Thomas (the Hip Hop Preacher). "You want to be a millionaire but you're watching every episode of Scandel." What I love about Eric is he doesn't hold back on telling you the truth.

Marketing thoughts

If you're not making money it's your fault. If you are making money it's because you've developed the skills, put in the time and followed through.

Viral Video I watched.Sticks and Stones

We've become a nation of softies. Could the Frito Bandido be made today? Probably not. A good thought provoking laugh.Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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