Forex MLM Companies 2017

There are currently two main Forex MLM companies in 2017: iMarketslive and Wealth Generators.

Both of these companies provide autotrading, forex eduction, forex signals and live 'over the shoulder' style webinars with professional traders.

​Forex MLM companies aren't anything new.  Back in 2008 Freedom Rocks offered Forex training and strategies and was marketed via network marketing.  Similarly, Uprize was another company that sought to capitalize on the 5 trillion dollar a day traded market.

I remember the film Moscow on The Hudson staring Robin Williams. In the film Robin played a Russian who escaped the Soviet Union in search of freedom and opportunity.  He was used to long lines for toilet paper and potatoes. When he first visited a US supermaket and so rows of coffee who exlaimed 'coffee, coffee, coffee!' and fainted.

So it is with trying to find a reputable Forex MLM company to partner with. There are many ebooks, courses and services and strategies to choose from.  Some are put together by outright scoundrels and scammers.  It's difficult to know who trust and who is fabricating results.

​iMarketslive has been around for 4 years.  In the last year alone it has grown from around 1200 members to over 30,000 with 62% of members being customers - not IBOs (independent business operators - aka - affiliates). 

A Forex MLM should have as it's first priority a dedication to Forex education and real-verifiable results.  Secondly, the focus should be on retaining customers not IBOs. ​Third, for those who want to market the product/services there should be a generous compensation plan. And lastly. the team should be professional with a verfied record in the industry.  

Based on that criteria, I choose to go with iMarketslive.  That's not to say that WG isn't legit.  In fact, I hope more players come into the market as competition is always good for business as you can see in my video below.​

If you would like to find out more about iMarketslive and our exlusive team bonuses I invite you to take a look.

Richard OBrien

Teach > Train > Lead