Tech: A Cool Site I Discovered

Have you ever watched a video on Facebook and wished you could download it. Well, now you can with, a free online service. Simply put your curser over the video and right click to show the video URL. The go to, paste and download as an MP4.

Quote I’m Pondering

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself” – Publius Syrus.

Brought from Syria as a slave in 1st century Rome, Syrus used his wit and talent to win over his master – eventually becoming a free man.

A $500 Question I was Posed this Week

“Rich, if I join you in this business, what do I get with you that I wouldn’t from someone else?” The gentlemen joined me that day because I could answer that question with confidence. The better you can answer that question with a focus on the benefits you will provide as their sponsor, the less chance your prospect will go sponsor shopping. Prospects always want to know WIIFM (What's in it for me).

Something I Did to Relax: Sailing

I rented a little Pico sailboat. When the wind catches the mainsail and pushes you freely in the water it’s like hitting a baseball on the sweet spot. It’s divine. Sailing puts me in a relaxed state- yet it’s so active. Your senses are inundated with water splashing, blue skies, birds flying past, rolling hill landscapes – all the while you’re having to bounce from side to side and avoid being clunked in the head with the boom.

A Text My 14 Year Old Son Sent Me This Week

Note: Last Christmas I purchased a new computer for my son Kellen.  Apparently this computer is lacking in processing power. He has got into graphic design and in fact creates animation graphics and sells them online - a chip off the ol’ block. I told him last semester that I would buy him a new computer when his performance at school improved. Now, the text:

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