Human beings are inherently lazy. We tend to follow the path of least resistance. Here’s an interesting example: countries with the highest number of organ donors have an ‘opt-out’ feature on their driver license verses an ‘opt-in.’

Apparently, the little extra effort to bubble in a circle is too much effort for people.

Even in France this week there are mass protests because the government wants to allow workers to be able to work more than 35 hours if they wish. More work? En aucune façon!

Marketers take advantage of our laziness gene.

Back in the pre-digital age, I remember ordering 8 music CD’s for a penny from Columbia house. The catch was that you were in their CD of the month club. You could cancel at any time, but that would involve you finding a stamp and filling out a card.

When it comes to work-from-home opportunities, the ‘lazy way to riches’ is no different. People want to make money with doing nothing but signing up for a program. Many people get addicted to biz-ops; they’re called ‘opportunity junkies.’

They falsely believe that their lack of success stems from the program they joined – not themselves. The sorry-sack marketer then looks for a new program that will do all the work for them where they won’t have to lift a finger.

Enter… ‘Hands Free Marketing’

It goes something like this: you order advertising, an email autoresponder then sends an email, which directs them to call the company/owner who will then ‘close your sales.’

Wow. You don’t have to do &%$* and you can make money? I’m in!

Let’s take a look at two different marketers and you tell me who will earn more money over the next year:

Marketer #1: In month one, spends $1000 on advertising and uses the hands free method (expects the owner to close his/her sale).

Marketer #2: Focuses on building skills and self-development. Perhaps learns how to post Facebook ads. Begins to test different ads. Practices a basic sales script. Returns calls from opt-ins (even though they're scared and nervous). Works with a partner/team who provides guidance. This marketer is not focused on the outcome – simply developing skills that grow. He/she listens or reads books by Zig Zigler, Bryan Tracy and Tony Robbins daily.

Who do you think will keep trying into month 2? Who do you think will jump ship and find some other biz-op?

A fallacy is this: a belief based on an unsound judgement. Don’t mistakenly believe that you can outsource your entire work-from-home business and compete with those who work their business.

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