Dear Network Marketer,

Are you struggling to find new leads for your network marketing business? Look no further than your old leads!

Many network marketers make the mistake of moving on from old leads that didn’t convert right away. But the truth is, these leads could still be valuable assets to your business. People’s circumstances and interests can change over time, and reaching out to old leads could result in unexpected conversions.

By emailing your old leads, you have the opportunity to reignite their interest and bring them back into your sales funnel. Plus, it’s a lot easier to sell to someone who has already shown interest in your business before.

But how do you approach these leads without coming across as pushy or desperate? The key is to provide value and build a relationship first. Instead of immediately trying to pitch your business, offer helpful resources or industry news that aligns with their interests. Show them that you’re still interested in helping them achieve their goals, and that you’re a valuable asset to their network.

Don’t let your old leads go to waste. Revive them and give your business the boost it needs. Give it a try and see the difference it makes in your network marketing.



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