Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?

Are you about to be swindled, cheated, deceived, tricked, duped, hoodwinked, and double-crossed out of $18?  That is the question I'll answer regarding in this Is Easy Cash Code a Scam? blog post.

There are two key factors you must look at before you can label an opportunity a scam:

  1. Are the products legit?
  2. Does the advertising live up to the hype?

I've already covered the products in my post Easy Cash Code Review - the products are legit and worth 10x what is being charged. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the actual the advertising banners and the copy-writing and see if it rings true with the system. My answers may surprise you.

Ad Claims​

Banner Ad

  1. There is a blueprint for generating daily commissions on auto-pilot
  2. Newbies making up to $500 a day

Capture Page

  1. Discover How a High School Drop-Out Went From Living On Food Stamps and Working Dead-End Jobs to Earning $200-$300 Per Day From Home!
  2. Discover How You Can Make Up To $587 Per Day Guaranteed!

Let's examine each of these:

  1. The blueprint:  This is a 10+ Hours of Training That Will Help You Become A Marketing Expert and Make Money Online. You also have capture pages, 30 day email sequence, mastermind group and 
  2. Auto-pilot?  In order to get daily commissions, you would have to advertise daily.  The system only works when you work.  You and your advertising are the auto​-pilot.  I think sometimes people get the idea they don't have to work to make money.  That would be wrong.
  3. High school dropout story?  The video sales letter doesn't mention anything about that.  There is a college student who made $700 and a few other ladies and couple of guys who had success from day one.  There is also a reference to Reginald Stinson making $10k with the program in a few weeks.  But no mention of him being a high school drop out.  
  4. Up to $587 Guaranteed? A guarantee to me is a promise in writing the assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled.  No one can guarantee you that if you join that you're guaranteed to make money.  The only thing I can guess would be a guarantee is that if you make a sale - it goes to you directly.  No middle-man.  So, in that sense, it's guaranteed.  But, in my opinion - the headline is a little misleading.

Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?

What attracted me to ECC was that it is a funded proposal, multiple streams of income, invaluable training and amazing online software (SMS Pro and IM Phenom).

I understand ECC has made 10s of thousands of dollars with it. But, it's a little too cheesy for me.  So, what I did was use the product (IM Phenom) to create a capture page and video sales letter that I created based on the Easy Cash Code flagship product (SMS Pro).  

I then added my course Mobile Marketing Code as a bonus for anyone who joined me or any of my reps. Basically, I teach you how to use the outstanding SMS Pro system (text messaging) that is a $67 upsell in ECC.  

The results?  

  • In the first 8 weeks of working the program I recruited 71 personally sponsored reps!  
  • I average about a $100 per recruit!  
  • I work this part-time
  • My reps are beggining to show up on the leaderboard alongside me.
  • 16 of the 71 reps have joined me in other affiliate products.​


Easy Cash Code is not a scam.  It has produced sales, new recruits and provided extensive training for myself and my team mates.  I have a unique approach that capitalizes on the SMS Pro by teaching text message and SMS marketing - which is my course Mobile Marketing Code that normally sells for $197.  If you decide to join Easy Cash Code with me, you'll get the course for free.  Get the details now.​

Richard OBrien

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