Easy Cash Code Review

In this Easy Cash Code review I will share with you my stunning results as well as some legitimate critiques that you should be aware of before joining.  In addition, I'll reveal some fast action bonuses you won't want to miss out on.

What is ECC?​

Easy Cash Code is a funded proposal marketing system created by Reginald Stinson.  A funded proposal markets tools and training vs a direct sales program.  Once someone purchases the tools that opens the opportunity for you to build a marketing relationship and share other programs that you may be involved with.

Does the Easy Cash Code System Work?  Absolutely!.  

In my first 3 weeks with the program I was able to earn $2430 and recruit 34 people.  Easy Cash Code is not a scam. It has real products that work. if you see any negative reviews it was from some previous owner of the domain name and not the Easy Cash Code you see today.​

The reason why it shows '0 leads' is that I use my own autoresponder system.

What are the Products?

Affiliate Training Course.  Cost $18 - one time fee. In this course you'll learn via video tutorial. 

  • Advertising in Facebook Groups
  • How to Join Facebook Groups using List
  • Posting in Facebook Groups Manually
  • Traffic Strategies
  • How to Earn Six Figures Online
  • Craigslist Marketing Strategies
  • Mastermind Training
  • Getting More Leads with SMS Marketing
  • In addition, there are 12 other video trainins on marketing basics like 'Buying a Domain.' 'Setting up Aweber' and 'integrating pay buttons.'

You won't find a better value out there for what you receive for the price a pizza.

SMS Pro. Cost $67 - one time fee (plus $47 admin fee)

We check our phones on average a 150 times a day.  Prospects would rather get a text from you than be interrupted with a phone call.  The problem is: how do you keep track of all your SMS/TEXT leads? how do you build SMS lists? The SMS Pro is the solution.​

You will receive a dashboard login to manage all of your leads, contacts and lists.  Here are the key features:

  • ​Less than a Penny Per Text (wholesale rates)
  • No monthly fees (other than $1 per phone #)
  • Ability to import phone numbers
  • Create a text to join campaign Here's an example:
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Unlimited subsribers
  • Automated capture and follow up
  • Unlimited marketing campaign funnels
  • One click broadcast to all/selected subscribers
  • Chat with individual prospects (includes a chat log of all conversations)

Truth be told - the SMS Pro is why I joined Easy Cash Code.  I was using a program called Skipio that charged $99 per month and had 1/5th of the features and massive limitations.  The SMS Pro is a marketers dream come true.

IM Phenom.  Cost: one time fee of $97​

If you thought the SMS Pro was amazing, we are just getting started with over delivering on value.  The IM Phenom product is a WordPress powered marketing suite using Thrive Themes.


  • Capture Page Creator - includes numerous ready made and customizable templates.​
  • Blogging Platform
  • Autoresponder
I run my blog (the one you are reading right now) on Thrive Theme. In my opinion, it is the best on the market. In fact, I have been paying $228 a year for it on a yearly subscription. Imagine my shock when I found out that with IM Phenom you could get it for a one time payment of $97

Easy Cash Code Compensation Plan

  • With ECC, you get paid instantly and member to member.  You can start off with using Paypal but will want to set up a Stripe pay account as they are more friendly towards biz-ops than PP.
  • You get paid 100%.  $18, $67 and $97.

Critique: Something i didn't fully understand when I first signed up 3 weeks ago was the passup system.​ Your 2nd sale of of the SMS Pro and IM Phenom are passups to your sponsor. I knew they got passed up - but I thought they went to Reginald.  So, to my happy surprise - when I received a passup sales of $67 and $97 payment from one of my reps - I thought it was a mistake.  But, nope - you get passup sales - which = residuals.

  • There is a $47 admin fee (one time) in order to market or purchase the SMS Pro and IM Phenom.  The company produced video does not explain the comp plan, upgrades or admin fee.  I decided to create my own video that explains the system completely and focuses on the SMS Pro platform.
  • There is no admin fee required at the $18 level.
  • If you don't own the product - you don't get paid - it gets passed up to the next qualified rep.
  • Bottom line:  You can earn $18 - $182 per sign up direct to your bank or Paypal 

Additional Features

  • If you just want to promote ECC, there are capture pages pre-made with your link.
  • Autoresponders pre-written and sent out on your behalf
  • Earn $ from activating pre-paid debit cards - promote your link inside ECC and earn $20 - $30 per activation.  This is basically free money.  Only in America can you get free money for activating cards and having other people do the same.
  • Active Facebook Group

Easy Cash Code Bonus

In my first 3 weeks with Easy Cash Code I have been able to reach the top 5 in sales.  I market ECC part time and teach full time.  In fact, May is my busiest teaching month with end of the year exams, report cards, testing etc.  

How was I able to do it working an hour or so a day?  My marketing expertise is mobile marketing.  

I have a course called Mobile Marketing Code. This course normally sells for $197.  There are 16 modules on how to use your phone to generate and close leads.​

If you take action today and get started with me at the $18 Level you will receive my Mobile Marketing Code course and be able to use it as a bonus for people you bring into Easy Cash Code. This is a limited time offer and may go away at any time. The strategies I teach inside Mobile Marketing Code are what I used to jump to 5th place in 3 weeks working the business part time.

If you choose to upgrade to SMS Pro and IM Phenom, I have additional bonus offers that I will email you upon joining. ​

One final critique I have is that ECC does not highlight there best product - which is the SMS Pro in their sales video.  I have solved that problem by creating my own video sales letter. I will also allow you to use my video sales letter.

Overall, Easy Cash Code is the best pound for pound legit lead generation and training program and funded proposal on the market. Click the link below to get started.​

Richard OBrien

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