I hate wasting my time doing marketing that produces no income. With that in mind, I wanted to know ‘do free classified websites make money?‘ In this article I’ll give you the bottom line truth on how to advertise your network marketing business online that produces real results.

I’ll also expose a major vampire sucking time waster that will zap your resolve and lead your business spinning out of control like a North Korean rocket.

There are countless free classified sites that will allow you to post ads (backpage.com, classifiedads.com, etc). There’s also free classified sites that warn you not to post business opportunity ads (but network marketers do it anyways); the most notable being Craigslist.

You can get away with it, for awhile at least, and fight getting your ads ghosted by learning sneaky white hat tricks and purchase phone numbers on the Craigslist marketing black market – all in an effort to get your ad to stick.

It’s a pain in the ass if you ask me. But, you can do it.

The other method of course to have a list of 30 or so sites and start posting ads like a maniac. If you use this method and want to experience success, you’d have to do this non-stop, almost daily, for weeks on end. Your ad will have to be a wee-bit different from all the clone ads, but you will get clicks (and depending on your offer, maybe a sale).

Do Free Classified Websites Make Money?

But the truth of the matter is most people will not make it there’s life’s work to become a professional classified ad poster. They’ll see their mediocre results and quit.

What kind of results can you expect if you choose this method?

I recently studied a popular website that promotes a classified ad training program that had a 418 clicks for every $25 sale. The ads ran something like this:

Headline: Sales Position – Start Today


DAILY Income…

Is it real or only a myth?

Find out Today!

~~$$ Do Free Classified Websites Make Money $$~~

Let’s be honest. Posting classified ads in business opportunity sections is a grind. I suppose if you were Forrest Gump, this could be a workable method. It does and can work, but it will also drain the life out of you.

Now let’s get to the gold in this lil ol’ blogpost.

As an experienced marketer I don’t waste my time posting ads on classified websites. I focus on using paid marketing, social marketing and blogging. These three methods put the rest to shame.

~ Rich O’Brien

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PPS. Wisdom can be attained one of two ways: your experience or the experience of others. Join me and learn from someone who’s doing it.

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