Direct Cellars Review

Yes, the rumors are true: you can now drink wine and make money.   In this spirited Direct Cellars review, I'll provide exciting details on the program, wines, commission structures - and even some weaknesses. I promise to keep it real even though I am a rep.

I'll also share with you my amazing team bonus worth over $3400 that could mean the difference between success and failure.

My Direct Cellars Review

Janelle and I live in Northern California and our frequent visitors to Napa.  ​For us, a perfect day is composed of tasting great wines, enjoying the scenic beauty, learning about wines and socializing. We belong to multiple wine clubs and love finding new wines to add to our collection.

We really got to do that a lot this last summer in Italy.  There, wine is expected with all meals and embedded in their culture. Food is naturally paired together - Chianti with spaghetti for a reason - the balance each other out and add to the enjoyment of each. 

I actually paid for our trip with income that I earn from marketing information education affiliate products online.  However, I have been on the lookout for a look-term opportunity that can also pay strong up-front income.

​There are some good companies out there that market essential oils and weight loss products - but neither of those categorizes appeal to me.  Plus, the idea of doing a home party and promoting lotions and potions is outright boring. 

So when I heard about Direct Cellars - a wine club and business opportunity - I about fell out of my chair and spilled my glass of merlot!  I had discovered a business that is fun, educational, social and has a product that I adore - wine.  Plus, my wife and I could do it together.  No longer, would it be me marketing away on a Saturday on the computer.  It could be us hosting cool tasting parties, or traveling around to the great wineries and shooting cool little videos.

You've heard of Doterra, Pampered Chef and Herbalife, right?

​These companies make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They don't advertise. Instead, they offer anyone who wants the ability to resell their products and grow a sales force.

That's exactly what Direct Cellars has done.​

Let's talk about how you get paid as a representative.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

  • ​You earn $250 when you sign up a new rep who orders 12 bottles of wine: Premium Wine Lover Elite
  • You earn $125 when you sign up a new rep with 4 bottles of wine as a Premium Wine Lover
  • That's the upfront pay.  You also earn by gaining customers who purchase wine without the opportunity.
  • Plus, you earn $ from team sales and check matching bonuses.  You'll have to watch the entire video to better see the full potential.

What I love is that there is upfront pay combined with residual income.  You do the job right once, and your team/customer base can grow into a lifestyle changing income.  This can easily become a day-job killer if you want to take it seriously.

The cool thing with our style of serious - it's this: having fun sharing premium wine from around the world with others.

Program Weakness

I'm an online marketer (in addition to being a teacher).  I drive traffic to highly converting capture pages (collect name, phone, email) and continue to market to them until they either join, buy or excuse themselves.

Direct Cellars does not have a capture page.  They don't have much to offer in the way of online marketing education.  Having home parties with wine tastings is a fantastic way to grow the business.  But, I like to have daily leads. 

​Capture Pages + Marketing App = Daily Leads

I have put together a Direct Cellars Marketing System. I'll share with you my exact emails and capture pages so you too can have an online marketing system.  This system includes a lead notification smartphone app, built in scripts and rebuttals and much more.  You'll be able to run your Direct Cellars affiliate program from your cell phone.

Direct Cellars Team Bonus

​Who doesn't love a bonus? I've good some amazing goodies in store for you...

I have a training site called The Lead Academy (TLA).  Inside TLA I will teach you simple and effective ways to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Follow Up with Leads
  • Develop Your own Brand.

You'll learn how to:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Ringless Voice Messaging
  • Video Production
  • Story Telling Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Craigslist Advertising
  • How to Find Free Prospects
  • Audio Lessons from Industry Leaders

Just to name a few of the trainings in TLA.  Plus, I will allow you to give away my training site to all of your Direct Cellar members.  This bonus is worth $997.

If you decide to join at the $499 Level. I will also include an ebook/MP3 Library with authors like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziggler and Dr. Wayne Dyer.   If you were to purchase all of these on Amazon it would cost you $2500. 

Basically, you want to join at the level that you would want your reps to join at.  If you are a leader, you definitely want to get in at the Elite Level.


​This is the opportunity for forward thinking, fun loving people who want to enjoy life and help each other while enjoying a premium glass of wine.

If that's you, let's get in touch.  You can stat by vising our website Here:

Richard OBrien

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