Debit Card MLM

I just developed a new Debit Card MLM system. If you could give $20 away to friends, family members and strangers – and get paid $20 every time for yourself – would you?

Imagine being handed a suitcase full of $20 bills from a Nasdaq traded bank with a business card attached.  Your job is to promote their Debit card business. The bank offers a special promotion:

Free $20 Bonus When You Deposit $40

Since you are customer yourself, the bank will deposit $20 into your account every time you refer a friend (and they load at least $40).  The result is you and your friend both make out like bandits.

This form or paying customers to promote their offers is called ‘affiliate advertising.’  Every big name company on the Internet from Amazon to eBay offers affiliates commissions when they refer paying customers.

Debit Card MLM

This debit card affiliate program started me thinking. What if I could systematize it so I could have others handing out the suitcases full of cash? In fact, what if I had hundreds of people out there handing out cash on my behalf?

That’s where the idea for Debit Card MLM came from. I combined a free MLM lead generation system with a Prepaid debit card. Then I went about building a Team site, a Members Area, all for Free.

The idea was to put something together that would be 100% free. Actually, let me rephrase that: a program that pays you to join and has a built in free marketing referral system. Who could refuse Free money?

I’m ready to set you up to get your free $20 with Debit Card MLM.  In addition, for a limited time I’m including 200 Free leads, and several other bonuses. Visit site for full details.


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