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Hey what's going on this is Dave and Ijust walked two blocks from my house upto the brand new office over the lastcouple of days. it's been pretty crazybecause on Friday my entire day changedwhen my buddy Devin Zanger said he had awhole office full of furniture that hewas getting rid of I got there preparedto be someone overwhelmed and wastotally excuse me underwhelmed and wastotally overwhelmed with about tenthousand dollars worth of free officefurniture I donewhich was a huge blessing right I wasacting like a madman in this movie truckafter that took the weekend at least oneof the days on the weekend to have somefun hope to have some fun with thefamily[Music]not done yetWowwow this is exciting man don't let theblock I'm not gonna cut the book youwere gonna cut the bow not gonna cut thebook look at that is that coolTRO of the boat I think that pisser didyou give me any credit for the photos Idon't know there's some crazy HarrisHarris who I dedicated this book to toanybody with a dream and the guts to goafter it also to my wife and kids wholistened to every call I've doneweathered every storm with me and walkthis journey of entrepreneurship by myside every step of the way thank youhey good morning it's a busy day and theSharpe household and the reason why isbecause every morning with a 17 monthold it's crazy it's crazy so today I'mgoing to start out at the gym like I domany weeksexcuse me many days of the week and thenI've got to go to AT&T; pick up phonestalking to the world baby talking to theworldsee see say hello say hello say hi goodmorning check out my cool shoes shoes soanyways then AT&T; and then one thingthat's really cool and that I'll showyou is that we are actually opening upan office down here in st. P which isshe wants you want to be on camera canyou tell us a little bit about yourcareer si si your bio may be a littlebit more fiery red hair ready to takeover the worldwe only have three rolls of toilet paperleft people put out a what an SOS I justgot to the recording studio and I'mhungry as hell I'm gonna record thestuff all on my teeth so my teeth arenot really usually these black androtted looking I've been on calls allmorning but I got to record thisaudiobook and so I'm gonna give some I'mgonna get some food out of this eventingmachine hereI'm pound before I go in for like fivehours and record this audiobook what'sup worldalright alright alright definitely needto get this nutrition before I go in youall know about this nutrition hey theremy friend this is Dave Sharpe I'm theCEO and the founder of legendarymarketer which you'll learn more aboutlater first I want to welcome you to thelegendary marketer alright I justfinished recording the first I thinkseven chapters it's like so long orfeels so long I've ran out of time I'mgonna have to come backthe book is fire though make sure youget a copy and now we're back and lookat who we have herejust looking beautiful just lookingamazingjust looking sexy there Danny you looklike a bump on a log but I'll tell youyou look good doing it so wanted towelcome you to this vlog this videojourney this adventure then I'm gonnatake you behind the scenes and show youhow to build a digital marketingbusiness from nothing I've done thisover the course of the last seven oreight years I started out back in 2008from nothing but a a laptop and a cellphone and a decent Wi-Fi connection havegone on to do over two hundred milliondollars in sales and through this thesevideos I'm gonna take you on thatjourneywe've been featured in Forbes we've beenfeatured in entrepreneur we've we'vehosted events and seminars and we'veserved people at an amazing level andand I'm gonna take you behind the scenesand show you how I build this businessand give you tips and tricks andstrategies along the way that you canuse that will really change the game foryou right they'll really make adifference they'll help you to eithertransition into a new side hustle ortransition into a full-time business asa true digital entrepreneur right whoearns unlimited income from anywhere inthe world right so tone in hit subscribeon this channel these videos are gonnabe kick-ass and they're gonna show youreally valuable stuff instead of justfluff and hype and confusing things thatdon't really make sense I'll be clearI'll be direct and I will take you onthe adventure in the journey that isbuilding a digital business because justtoday alone I already been to the gymwas at the gym crushing it crushing italready shot a podcast and podcastingshooting videos and now came up hereabout to do a webinar and so I got to goactually I'm looking at my my watchright here I'm actually a few minuteslate so I got a bounce off this and Iwill see you guys on the next video sohit the damn subscribe button don't playaround with my emotions just plans hitthe freakin SUBSCRIBE button this shit isgonna be awesome.​

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