CTFO Reviews and Bonus

In this CTFO review, I discuss CTFO's hemp derived CBD Oil, product line, compensation plan, scam allegations, and business opprtunity; plus my exclusive CTFO bonuses.

However, before I discuss those exciting details, let’s go over a few thoughts I had while preparing this video:

The first is - why would someone watch a review video? It’s because they are interested and want to know what others people's real experiences after having used the products or learn their insights after joining as a rep.

If I go to a new city and want to eat I’ll Yelp it. I’ll want to see pictures of the establishment, the food, read about the atmosphere, the pricing, and the service. If someone leaves a bad review, I’ll click on their profile and see if they give negative reviews all of the time. You can tell pretty quick who is a troll and who has a legit opinion.

However, when it comes to reviews for products that are part of a network marketing company, it can get challenging knowing who to trust. After all, if they are a rep, they are biased as they want you to join. If they are not a rep and record a review they generally have ulterior motives - like bashing a company so you look at their company, plus they have no real experience.

So before I start this brief review, I’ll ask you to think about these questions that can apply to any business opportunity, before you join:

  • Would I buy the product if no opportunity were attached?
  • Can I see myself sharing this product with others and feel good about it?
  • Is the company set up to last or is it just a money game?
  • Is the industry growing or peaked out?

CTFO Reviews

I could explain how CTFO’s CBD is hydrophilic and thus supercharged 10x pure. But I want you to keep watching the video and not bore you to death. Just understand it’s just about the best and purest CBD on the market.

Therefore, if you want the ‘good stuff’ you know - the Maui gold of CBD, this is it. Of course, you could read all the documentation on the website if your super-sciency. Is that a word? Anyways, let’s talk about the product line.​

CTFO Product line: Over 70+ CTFO Products To Enjoy! CBD oils, CBD Gummies, Skincare,CBD Hairgrowth, CBD Pet Products, Weightloss, and More!

CTFO Website: When you join you will receive your own replicated website (at no cost) and two capture pages.  Complete product documentation, videos and shopping cart included.​

CTFO Business Opportunity: CTFO is FREE! No gimmicks, no gotchas. Earn 20% on commissionable volume. Earn 4 different ways. You don’t need to pay anything for the ability to share our products, and you don’t need to buy anything in order to earn commissions.​

Why CTFO is not a scam:  real goods, focus is on products - not recruiting, no cost to join, you set your own income. and has been around since 2015.

Why I joined CTFO: I wanted to be at the beginning of a new billion dollar industry.  The Farm Bill that allowed production of Hemp in all 50 states was signed by Trump in 2018. It's legal and in high demand - without getting you high - lol.​

CTFO Bonuses Be sure to watch my video to ​see the bonuses.  Here is a quick rundown:

  1. A Mexican Resort Vacation
  2. Mobile Marketing Training Program - learn how to market CTFO via text message marketing and much more
  3. Ebook Library
  4. Access to my text platform - 1 penny per text. (Compare to EZ texting at 4.5 cents per text)​. Zero cost to use. 
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