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Royaltie Gem Custom Capture Page Marketing

The Royaltie gem is a portable mobile beacon.  It sends a 40 character message to all Android phones within 100 Yards.  

If you're going to marketRoyaltie online you need to use a custom capture page.  What does a capture page do?

  1. Collect emails
  2. Send out emails
  3. Brand you and not Royaltie

My Royaltie Capture page is created by Conversion Pros.  Here are some the features you'll have access to:

Capture Page Creator, Email Auto-Responder, Text Message (SMS), Voice Message Broadcaster, Lead Auto-Dialer, Blog Creator, Mobile Website Creator, Invoice Creator, Tiny URL Creator, URL Rotator, QR Code Creator, and Marketing Videos. You get all of this for $50 a month. Affiliate program pays 50%.

I created a special link for you where you can try it for free​


#duplicatedave What it Takes to Earn $100K with Legendary Marketer

How Many Sales Would I Have to Make with Legendary Marketer to Earn $100,000 in One Year?

Legendary Marketers Club

  • Profit Per Sale $18

  • 462 sales per month.

  • 5555 payments of $18 over a year

  • 100K This is Gross Earnings.

Total Transformation/Marketing Millions :

  • Profit Per Sale $5000

  • 2 sales per month.

  • 24 sales for the year

  • Total Gross Earnings: $120,000

How to Duplicate Dave

  1. Buy Traffic

  2. Set up the 45 Day Email Sequence

  3. Follow Dave’s Training

  4. Implement it

  5. Share it with Your Subscribers.

Business Opportunity Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know (Part 1)

In the last video, Business Opportunity Questions They Don’t Want You to Ask, I discussed addressing myths of successfully marketing your business opportunity.

Let’s dig into that a little deeper today and get to Business Opportunity Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know.

To recap, a popularly held and promoted belief is that all it takes to make money-from-home with a biz-op is:

  • An enticing Capture Page

  • A well written email autoresponder sequence

  • A good product, service or training

  • An amazing video sales letter

  • Quality traffic and leads

  • Consistency in your marketing

Yes, all of these components aid in the sales process.

But many opportunities lead with the opportunity.

When the company is based solely on the money making potential of the business, prospects sponsor search.

The question is, why would they NOT go with you? After all, you introduced them. You spent your money on advertising. You sent them to the sales funnel. But, they didn’t join you - they joined someone else.

Which leads me to share with you...

Secret #1 The Law of the Master Hunter

We are biologically programmed for survival. In past times, in search of meat you would learn and follow the master hunter - the guy who could track beasts through brush, rocky mountains and poisonous jungles.

This master hunter could advise the hunting party how to surround the beast, avoid pitfalls and slay the animal for meat.

If you happened to sleep in and miss the hunting party You might follow some dufus hunter - who talked a big game but in reality never captured a beast, was skinny from lack of food and whose arrows rarely could hit the mark.

When the hunting party got back, you’d see the women joyfully embrace the warrior men, take the beast - gut it, clean it, add spices and fruits to prepare a delicious meal.

Grain alcohol would be served, laughter and pats on the back would wildly be given and a celebration fire would be kindled.

At the campfire, each warrior of the expedition would take his turn retelling in detail the trials and triumphs of the hunt - always looking to the master hunter for approval.

And there over in the corner hut would be you - the guy who followed the dufus hunter and had an empty bowl and nothing but anger in his belly for dinner.

You would tell yourself, the NEXT time the hunt is on - I’m going to be right next to the MASTER HUNTER. Because you don’t want to go hungry again.

And that is why people sponsor search - because they don’t trust you to lead them to success. They won’t follow the fool again.

Stay tuned for the next video when I go over Secret #2.

This is Rich O’Brien, I’ll see you in the next video.

PS.  Want to work with Rich?  Click here​

Legendary Marketer Review

Famed. Renowned. Distinguished. Illustrious.  These are the words that define legends. In this Legendary Marketer Review 2018 aka Duplicate Dave I will provide my authentic take on Dave Sharpe's new business opportunity. I hope to answer: Is Duplicate Dave worthy of the 'Legendary' mantle and what does that mean for you.

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."


What is Legendary Marketer?​

Imagine sitting at a cafe, sipping an espresso and finding the secret notebook of a world class marketing guru.  In the pages of the tattered notebook are the exact blueprints for creating wealth.  They include:

  1. Exactly where to place ads
  2. Exactly what to say in those ads
  3. Exactly what products to sell
  4. Exactly what price points to use
  5. Exactly what sells (and what doesn't)
  6. and exactly how to sell them.​

Column 2

Enter The Legendary Marketer

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty - you just can't believe your good fortune.  But then you realize that you would have to build websites, hire graphic designers, a call center to field calls and you would be stealing.  Then you look up and see the legendary marketer himself and sheepishly hand back the million dollar notebook.

"Thank you good sir I don't know what I'd do if this fell into the wrong hands.  It's taken me years of trial and error​ to put this together" and he begins to walk away.

"Wait!" you scream.​ "Sir, I've been struggling for years trying to figure out how to eek out a living online. I've joined so many programs that I've lost count.  I've joined programs my wife doesn't even know about.  My friends think my marketing is a joke - they've seen me get thrilled and disappointed all to many times."

'I've got to tell you.  I was really tempted to keep that notebook.  I'm sick of the sleazeball marketers out there that promise the sun and stars and deliver dirt and dung."

The legendary marketer took a long pause.  Pulled out an Arturo Fuente Opus X cigar, lit it with an Aston Martin lighter, took a puff - held on the smoke, exhaled slowly as the billowy circle hung around his head like a smoke halo.  He then spoke.

"Yes, my friend.  There are a lot of crap being served as salmon in the marketing world.  There are program owners whose lone desire to reach through your back pocket and dig whatever money you have left out of your ass.​"

"And if I'm telling the truth, there are lot of take-no-action wus-bags out there who are addicted to the hype.  They simply can't join enough programs.  They're like I was when I was strung out on smack. Their only mission is to score the next monetary fix.  It's sad really."

He looked up toward the sky and shook his head and took another drag from his cigar.

"But you could change it man!" I replied.  "People like me would listen to you.  ​If you shared what I just read in your notebook. Anyone who was willing to follow your blueprint would at least have a fighting chance.  Dude, I'd give anything if I could just duplicate YOU."

Pointing his smoking cigar at my chest he stridently said "I'll tell you what. let's see if you're full it or willing to put your money where your mouth is...

  • ​I'll tell you exactly where to place the ads and what to say.
  • I'll give you the products to sell.
  • I'll do all the email follow up for you.
  • I'll let you use my websites, my sales copy, my sales videos
  • My phone team will close sales for you....
  • And you'll collect big $4,000, $5,000 and $6,000 commissions...
  • ....directly deposited into your bank account
  • .....just like my business does everyday.

He continued on, "if I give you the keys to the kingdom and you sit on your ass... well then, you should probably tell your wife that you've been secretly purchasing courses on the Internet, spending thousands of dollars behind her back and that you're not a real marketer - you're just a dreamer. And then get some help."

"I'll do it. I've got to it.  Where do I get started?"  He whipped out his iphone and curtly replied "Set up a call right now with my team by clicking this link 'start here' " and walked away.

Rich here.  That was just a fun way to explain Dave Sharpe's new program.  If you've been living in the woods for the last 5 years you may not know that Dave is indeed a legendary marketer with over 170 million in sales.  

He's climbed from the depths of addiction to successfully building a marketing empire.​

Legendary Marketing Compensation Plan 2018

Legendary Marketer Club – $30/month

A powerful monthly marketing club packed full of digital training, education and resources to start, grow and scale your digital marketing business.

Members enjoy monthly training as well as access to all past training, courses and live classes.

Traffic Rolodex – $47 (one time)

Get access to vetted traffic sources, along with interviews of each traffic provider to use in your business to generate leads and sales.

Summary of the Core Product Suite

Legendary Builder Masterclass – $2,500 (one time)

This digital product is the foundational business and marketing strategies to start and build your digital business. Members receive access to a 4-part masterclass covering storytelling, presenting and leadership principles, lead generation strategies and sales skills.

Legendary Leader Masterclass – $5,000 (one time)

This digital product will show you how to become go to the leader of your marketplace, grow your brand and dominate your competition.

Members receive training on brand development, product messaging and scaling strategies to grow your business to the 7-figure level and beyond. Plus, exclusive talks and interviews from highly success leaders in multiple industries who reveal the strategies they used to for growth.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $8,000 (one time)

A live in-person mastermind covering the most cutting edge traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies from the world's top online marketers.

Members enjoy a lifetime membership to all 3-day live Legendary Marketer

Masterminds held in Tampa, FL. (or locations yet to be determined).

Each mastermind member is also allowed to bring one guest who is not already a member of Legendary Marketer. After a member attends their first mastermind, a non-refundable seat deposit of $250 is required for both the member and the guest in order attend all future masterminds.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $12,000 (one time)

A live in-person mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.

Members enjoy a lifetime membership to all 3-day live Legendary Entrepreneur Masterminds held in Tampa, FL (or locations yet to be determined).

Each mastermind member is also allowed to bring one guest to every mastermind who is not already a member of Legendary Marketer.

After a member attends their first mastermind, a non-refundable seat deposit of $250 is required for both the member and the guest in order attend all future masterminds.

Legendary Lifestyle Experience – $30,000 (one time)

This is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to excellence and experiencing life at levels few will ever strive for.

Members will receive invitations to attend an incredible adventure in an exotic, out of the country (USA) location where they’ll play, network and learn. They’ll also receive up to 1 year of personal group coaching by David Sharpe as well as 4 exclusive VIP days after all Legendary events and masterminds. The Legendary Lifestyle Experience is an extraordinary group of individuals striving for higher personal and professional achievement and a deeper impact on the world around them. *If a member would like to attend additional out-of-country retreats (after the 1 that comes with the original package) they will be responsible for an additional fee of $2,500 to cover their expense at the all-inclusive resort. The same cost applies if they would like to bring a guest. If a member would like to attend additional VIP days (after the 4 that comes with the original package) they will be responsible for an additional charge of $250 per VIP Day.

The same cost applies if they would like to bring a guest.

Specialty Products

Invisible Influencer – $997 (one time)

A complete, from start to finish, course on how to build branded Facebook fan pages and Instagram pages that are specifically used to generate traffic, leads and sales from a highly engaged group of followers.

Summary of the Compensation Plan

Legendary Marketer pays 60% on all introductory level products and 40% on all core products and specialty products.

The reason 40% commission is paid on those two categories of products is because a coach will assist in the sale of those products, on the affiliates behalf, and 20% will be set aside as a commission to the coach.

If an affiliate is not qualified at the product level they have made a sale on, that full commission amount would pass up to the next qualified affiliate.

An affiliate can become qualified to earn commissions 2 ways. The first way is to purchase the product, which would give the affiliate immediate access to the product and immediately qualify them to earn the maximum amount of commissions on that product. The second way an affiliate can earn commissions is to sell 3 units of the product, but keep in mind, they would not receive access to the product in that case.

Reality Check

If you are not familiar with me be sure to check my bio​.  The short version is this: I've been a public school teacher for the past 18 years.  I'm also an online marketer.  This last month alone I recruited 26 people.  I do this part-time.  This last year alone I have had several $10K+ months. 

I'll also let you know that very few people that join these programs ever accomplish what I have.  And really, I can sum up my success to this: taking action.​  

But, I'm not (yet) a millionaire and I haven't quit my day job.

I'm going to Duplicate Dave to a 'T.'  Like a good student, I'm going to take his 'connect-the-dots' marketing system and DO IT.  If his program WORKS.  Then you will be seeing my success.​  If it blows - then I'll let you know that too.

I will be posting my ACTIONS (without giving away specific 'secret' sources) so you can view for yourself.

In addition, if you decide to get started using my affiliate link, I will provide access to my membership site The Lead Academy and any supplemental training that will improve your success with Legendary Marketer - Duplicate Dave. ​

Legendary Marketer Duplicate Dave Advertising Co-op

Six Figure Empire Review

Infomarketing guru, Tim Berger, has launched a new business opportunity. In this Six Figure Empire review I will provide a straight up, no chaser opinion of Tim's new program, products, compensation and potential challenges. In addition, I will share with you my Six Figure Empire Bonus should you decide to go forward.

Big ticket direct sales affiliate programs have increasingly become popular over the last few years.  Programs like Tidom, Exitus, and to a lower extent Pure Profit Pro, National Wealth Center and Easy1up have brought in millions of dollars.

Personally, I have made enough money with these programs to purchase new cars and travel to Europe.  ​But truth be told, these programs come and go.  From what I've seen, the program operators have very little interest in creating unique products or even upgrading their products. They are all PLR - private label rights. But there is no doubt regarding demand for bigger ticket info product business opportunities. 

The Products

$500 Silver Package is a video course on marketing that was produced by Eric Louvre.  The training centers on writing. More specifically, headlines, making offers, branding and positioning. Many have reached over $100,000 per year online and credit Eric for helping them get there. In fact, Eric has several who have reached the $1,000,000 (Million) dollar per year mark and credit Eric for being the main reason they reached such high levels.

$1000 Saphire is a fully fuctional SMS Toolkit. Built in house by Tim's programming team, this SMS platform includes"

  • ​Mobile number and Keyword (which triggers an immediate auto-response a via text). 
  • Custom Text Message Funnel Blueprint
  • Two - way text communication
  • SMS Voice
  • How to use VOICE DROPS that work directly with your mobile funnels

There is nothing out there on the market that I've found that does what this one of a kind system does.  Let's face it, mobile marketing is the present and future of marketing.  This product is actually a stand alone product that marketers would pay for without an opportunity.  That's almost unheard of in the info-product biz-op niche.

$3500 Emerald - Daily Leads.  Login and download leads.  These leads are 30 - 45 days old - but who cares.  You can get 1000 a day.  

  • ​Surveyed Leads
  • Mobile Leads (great for ringless broadcasting)
  • Biz-op Leads
  • Email Leads
  • Higher Ticket Leads

With most programs you wonder 'but who can I prospect?"  You don't have to worry - you're more than covered.

$6500 ​Gold Advanced Marketing Training from Eric Louver's VIP on Persuasion.

$12,500 Platinum. Training taught by Tim or one of his master sellers.  Yes, the price tag is up there.  However, how much would you be pay to shortcut your success?  Let's be real - 97% of online marketers bounce from program to program looking for that 'magic' formula.  I can tell you that a big part of it is actually taking action.  But the other part is what to take action on. When you combine both - you've discovered the secret to making money online.​

Six Figure Empire Review

​I've been marketing online for several years.  The turn around program that catapulted me into the winners circle was Tim's previous program DPS. I'm not here to blow smoke up your arse and tell you if you buy this program you'll get rich. What I can say is that he's thoughtfully put this together from years of marketing.  

A program is only as good as it's weakest link.  Most programs fail at (1) conversions (2) lack of leads.  With SFE you can actually purchase 10,000 dials for $59!  or Simply buy Solo Ad clicks.  These are all DONE FOR YOU.  Which is the smartest thing to do as you're learning all of this marketing.

All to many people waste years figuring out how to drive traffic.  Screw that, just buy it and run it through a high converting sales funnel. ​

My Six Figure Empire Bonus

  • Co-op Advertising.  Something that really bothers me is NOT seeing a new team member have success.  I will take up-to 25% of my commission and apply toward running ads for you. For example, if you joined at the $6500 Level I will take $1300 and put it towards the best solo ads out there over a 3 month period.   It's a win win situation.  I totally want you to crush it.  I'm committed to your success because it's the right thing to do and I'm going to profit every time you make a sale.
  • The Lead Academy.  I run my own training and marketing website.  It's by invitation only with over 20 modules on how to market online.  You'll learn how to speak with prospects, how to brand yourself as an expert, how to target top marketers, and so much more. Plus, you'll be able to share TLA with members you recruit.  Value $997

Pure Profit Pro Review

You're here on the Pure Profit Pro review because you're interested in joining PPP.  I've made a lot of money with this program.  I also have some issues with it.  

What issues you ask?  

  • The products are  just 'OK' and some out of date.  
  • No Original content 
  • So, I decided to create my own value by adding 7 programs for the price of one.  These are all TOP Tier programs and lead gen oriented.  More below.

What's good about the program?

  • ​Daily radio show
  • Simple set up
  • Direct payments.
  • Nice Capture Pages
  • Good compensation plan (1 up)

What is of value and worth more than a $1000 is the team training that I can offer as part of the Unstoppable Alliance. The UA has:

  • ​Active Facebook Group
  • Live Dials (and recorded)
  • Access to 6 figure earners who have mastered the 'art of the call and follow up'
  • Skype Group
  • Team Training site.

Pure Profit Pro Bonus 7 for 1 Special

Got Questions?  Text me 'PPP Special'.

PS.  I'll also include my training Blueprint and access to The Lead Academy - another $1k in value.​

Direct Cellars Review

Yes, the rumors are true: you can now drink wine and make money.   In this spirited Direct Cellars review, I'll provide exciting details on the program, wines, commission structures - and even some weaknesses. I promise to keep it real even though I am a rep.

I'll also share with you my amazing team bonus worth over $3400 that could mean the difference between success and failure.

My Direct Cellars Review

Janelle and I live in Northern California and our frequent visitors to Napa.  ​For us, a perfect day is composed of tasting great wines, enjoying the scenic beauty, learning about wines and socializing. We belong to multiple wine clubs and love finding new wines to add to our collection.

We really got to do that a lot this last summer in Italy.  There, wine is expected with all meals and embedded in their culture. Food is naturally paired together - Chianti with spaghetti for a reason - the balance each other out and add to the enjoyment of each. 

I actually paid for our trip with income that I earn from marketing information education affiliate products online.  However, I have been on the lookout for a look-term opportunity that can also pay strong up-front income.

​There are some good companies out there that market essential oils and weight loss products - but neither of those categorizes appeal to me.  Plus, the idea of doing a home party and promoting lotions and potions is outright boring. 

So when I heard about Direct Cellars - a wine club and business opportunity - I about fell out of my chair and spilled my glass of merlot!  I had discovered a business that is fun, educational, social and has a product that I adore - wine.  Plus, my wife and I could do it together.  No longer, would it be me marketing away on a Saturday on the computer.  It could be us hosting cool tasting parties, or traveling around to the great wineries and shooting cool little videos.

You've heard of Doterra, Pampered Chef and Herbalife, right?

​These companies make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. They don't advertise. Instead, they offer anyone who wants the ability to resell their products and grow a sales force.

That's exactly what Direct Cellars has done.​

Let's talk about how you get paid as a representative.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

  • ​You earn $250 when you sign up a new rep who orders 12 bottles of wine: Premium Wine Lover Elite
  • You earn $125 when you sign up a new rep with 4 bottles of wine as a Premium Wine Lover
  • That's the upfront pay.  You also earn by gaining customers who purchase wine without the opportunity.
  • Plus, you earn $ from team sales and check matching bonuses.  You'll have to watch the entire video to better see the full potential.

What I love is that there is upfront pay combined with residual income.  You do the job right once, and your team/customer base can grow into a lifestyle changing income.  This can easily become a day-job killer if you want to take it seriously.

The cool thing with our style of serious - it's this: having fun sharing premium wine from around the world with others.

Program Weakness

I'm an online marketer (in addition to being a teacher).  I drive traffic to highly converting capture pages (collect name, phone, email) and continue to market to them until they either join, buy or excuse themselves.

Direct Cellars does not have a capture page.  They don't have much to offer in the way of online marketing education.  Having home parties with wine tastings is a fantastic way to grow the business.  But, I like to have daily leads. 

​Capture Pages + Marketing App = Daily Leads

I have put together a Direct Cellars Marketing System. I'll share with you my exact emails and capture pages so you too can have an online marketing system.  This system includes a lead notification smartphone app, built in scripts and rebuttals and much more.  You'll be able to run your Direct Cellars affiliate program from your cell phone.

Direct Cellars Team Bonus

​Who doesn't love a bonus? I've good some amazing goodies in store for you...

I have a training site called The Lead Academy (TLA).  Inside TLA I will teach you simple and effective ways to:

  • Generate Leads
  • Follow Up with Leads
  • Develop Your own Brand.

You'll learn how to:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Ringless Voice Messaging
  • Video Production
  • Story Telling Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Craigslist Advertising
  • How to Find Free Prospects
  • Audio Lessons from Industry Leaders

Just to name a few of the trainings in TLA.  Plus, I will allow you to give away my training site to all of your Direct Cellar members.  This bonus is worth $997.

If you decide to join at the $499 Level. I will also include an ebook/MP3 Library with authors like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziggler and Dr. Wayne Dyer.   If you were to purchase all of these on Amazon it would cost you $2500. 

Basically, you want to join at the level that you would want your reps to join at.  If you are a leader, you definitely want to get in at the Elite Level.


​This is the opportunity for forward thinking, fun loving people who want to enjoy life and help each other while enjoying a premium glass of wine.

If that's you, let's get in touch.  You can stat by vising our website Here:

Is United Games Marketing an MLM?

Update 10/12/2016: United Games Affiliate Program is full. No new affiliates will be added.

United Games marketing has many wondering if this is an MLM (Multi level marketing). For some, the term 'MLM' conjures images of desperate, out of work people, trying to sell you something that you don't want and then teach you to do the same thing to build an organization.

​For others, it is an industry provides training ground for forward thinking entrepreneurs with a low start up cost and the opportunity to earn unlimited income.

According the economist and author, Paul Zane Pilsner

Network marketing has grown steadily over the last 20 years, increasing 91 percent in just the last decade. With more than 13 million Americans and 53 million people worldwide involved, it is now a $100 billion global industry.

United Games was founded by Jeff Henderson, a 22-year veteran and former Vice President at NuSkin International.  Nuskin is a MLM with over 1.2 million distributors.

​United Games Marketing calls itself an affiliate program. If you're not familiar with that terminology, affiliates drive traffic or refer others to products and services and earn a commission. The worlds largest e-tailer, has an affiliate program.  Anyone can become an affiliate and promote a link that will earn them affiliate income.

What is different about Amazon and United Games Marketing?

  • ​Amazon does not charge a fee to become an affiliate (United Games charges $29 and $9.95 a month)
  • Amazon only pays for one purchase at a time. United Games continues to pay you as tokens are earned/purchased.
  • Amazon will not reward you in perpetuity for ongoing customer purchases, United Games does.
  • Amazon will not pay you down levels.  Meaning, if you share a link for a book with Joe, he buys the book and shares a link with Sam and Sam shares the link with Margaret - Joe will not profit from Mary.  However, United Games will pay you down multiple levels.

In fact, if you start building a strong and wide frontline, and your affiliates do the same, you can profit down multiple levels.  So, is United Games Marketing MLM?  Official emails from corporate say:

the official company position is that we are an Affiliate marketing company.

Why Does United Games Marketing Parse words?

They want to be a gaming company first.  They want their sports app - with it's ability to participate and 'play' with live sports in real time - to dominate the app market on it's own merits. ​

I personally appreciate the focus on the product with a 'by the way - we have a killer compensation plan if you want to share it' approach.​

And market it I will.  Build a team I will. Recruit players I will. Because all of those tokens turn into cash for the 'affiliate.'

Would you like to as well?  I have exclusive marketing bonuses and training designed to help you market this cutting edge and fun app.

Enter your text here...

United Games Marketing Review

Update 10/12/2016:  United Games Affiliate Program is full. No new affiliates will be added.

Let's be upfront, this United Games Marketing Review is biased. In this post I'll share with you my initial apprehension and the light bulb moment where I understood the insane income potential of the this social gaming sports app.

I'll also share with you my incredible United Games bonus if you choose to get started as a player or affiliate.

What is the United Games App?

​Imagine watching a live sporting event, like the Warriors Vs. the Cavs, you have your smartphone out and are playing along with the game in real time.

Essentially, you're guessing what's going to happen next. For example, who scores next, who gets the most assists, what team wins, etc. ​

I know what you're probably thinking.  Steph Curry scores the most 3 pointers and Golden State wins.  ​

This is where the fun kicks up a notch.  Perhaps you're a Cav's fan and think Lebron is going to score a triple double and win the game.  Well, if you and I are friends, I would share the app with you - now you and I are battling in real time as the real game is being played.

So what is United Games? The worlds first interactive Sports app.  Can you see why this thing is going to go viral?

My Introduction

​I'm an online affiliate marketer.  I average about $500 per sale.  Making .10 here and there just did not excite me.  That is, until I was watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals and wished I had the app!  It was then that I took a second look at the affiliate program

United Games Marketing Compensation Plan

  1. Get paid every time someone you share the app with gets a token
  2. Get paid when you invite others to play with you
  3. Build an affiliate team and get paid as they share and play

Quick Points

  • The App is Free
  • You can be paid up to 9 levels deep. 
  • Get Check matching bonuses.
  • About 43% of the games revenue is paid out to affiliates
  • Only affiliates get paid.
  • Affiliate fees: One-time $29.95 and then $9.95 a month
  • Pay nothing during pre-launch.  Game will not be ready until the Fall. But you can build your affiliate/gaming team today.

How Big is the App Market?

  • 2015:  100 Billion Downloads
  • 45 Billion in Revenue
  • Projected 200 Billion by 2020
  • ​Candy Crush: Nearly 1 Million a Day in Freemium Play
  • More than 290 Million Americans watch sports

Who Is Starting United Games?

Jeff Henderson: Former VP of NuSkin (a billion dollar company)

Mark Mongie. Mark is a former EA Sports employee and Senior Art Director who led a team of Art Directors and creative teams on several EA Sports franchises during the 2000’s, namely Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NASCAR, NFL Big, NFL Head Coach, and Superman Returns​

United Games Marketing Bonus

Marketing UG is easy.  You login to your backoffice and send text/email messages ​to people you think would either want to play the game or become an affiliate. 

However, you'll slowly run out of friends and family members to share the app with it. ​The good news is this: I train online marketers how to find targeted prospects through my video tutorial university The Lead Academy aka TLA - which normally costs $297.

Bonus #1: The Lead Academy Scholarship

When you sign up your first 5 affiliates, you will receive access to The Lead Academy. Plus, you will now be able to offer TLA to anyone in your group you shows a little initiative and brings 5 people in to United Games.​

I have a private training website with over 20 modules of training. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • ​Text Message Marketing
  • Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting
  • Video Marketing
  • Branding
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • List Building
  • Periscope Mastery
  • Phone Prospecting
  • and many others
Bonus #2: Personal Development Library

Note: Bonus #2 is only available for affiliates who enroll 10 affiliates/gamers. You will be able to tap into my personal library of 177 ebooks and audioboks​. here are a few titles:

  • ​The Four Agreements: by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The Four Hour Workweek: By Tim Ferriss
  • The 60 Minute Leader Challenge: by Jim Rohn
  • The Alchemist: By Paulo Coehelo
  • Awaken The Giant Within: by Anthony Robbins
  • How to Be a No Limit Person: by Dr, Wayne Dyer
  • The Secret: by Rhonda Byrne
  • ZigZigler: See You at the Top
  • and much more

Personal development is the key to success. These titles are among the best modern books on the subject. You will get access to PDFs and MP3 to load on your phone, laptop or table

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